Cumberland Farms Clerk Struck with Handgun During Robbery

(Courtesy photograph.)

A Plaistow, N.H., convenience store clerk was pistol whipped early Sunday morning when a man and woman showed weapons and demanded money.

The Cumberland Farms clerk was struck in the face shortly after 6 a.m., when one of the assailants jumped over the counter and struck her with a handgun. The duo arrived on foot at the route 125 store and fled with an undetermined amount of money toward Danville Road.

The clerk called 911 and activated the store’s fire suppression system. She suffered non-life-threatening injuries, refused medical treatment at the scene and was brought to the hospital by family. The store was then temporarily closed, police said.

The white man and woman were thin, of average height and appeared young. Both wore dark clothing with hooded sweatshirts covering their heads and dark colored bandanas over their faces. The man was wearing jeans and both were wearing sneakers.

Anyone with information is asked to call Plaistow Police Detective Edward Lukas at 603-382-1200 or email him at [email protected].

3 thoughts on “Cumberland Farms Clerk Struck with Handgun During Robbery

  1. There is a great editorial in The Valley Patriot newspaper “Vargas Put Lives At Risk” that every voter should read. In it Tom Duggan came right out and asked Andy for his official position on making Haverhill a sanctuary city, and to quote the article, Andy “had nothing to say”. There’s a confirmation if there ever was one.

    If you think crime somehow going to go down if Vargas gets elected and Haverhill does become a sanctuary city, think again. Lawrence is an official sanctuary city and they “average” one armed robbery a day. Think about that for a second. Haverhill isn’t far behind.

    • Jack, you are absolutely right! Nothing to say? Vargas was between a rock and a hard place…. couldn’t say NO he is not in favor of Haverhill becoming a sanctuary
      city because, what would his ILLEGAL pals think of him! And couldn’t say YES because, he would be throwing away the votes he needs from the CITIZENS OF HAVERHILL!

      BUT, be very careful, voters in Haverhill, because as a State Rep, Vargas will work tirelessly to make Massachusetts a sanctuary state.

      • Andy isn’t just a pro-illegal invader advocate, he’s a LIAR.
        When he committed obstruction of justice by informing criminal illegals that the Federal Government was in the city doing their job he immediately deleted it once word got out what he had done. If, as Andy says, he posted the message to inform people of their rights, then why wouldn’t he leave that message up for anyone else to read on his FB page in the future? As soon as word got out that Andy was aiding and abetting criminal illegals in the city he immediately took the post down in an effort to hide what he did. No amount of lying on Andy’s part can change he intentionally worked to interfere with Federal officials to protect the interests of people from other countries in Haverhill illegally before Americans. The evidence is overwhelming, and his lying confirms who he supports, and it isn’t the citizens of Haverhill.