RMV to Move Out of City Hall in Spring, But Will Remain in Haverhill

Haverhill City Hall. (WHAV News file photograph.)

The days of the Registry of Motor Vehicles occupying the basement floor of Haverhill City Hall (pictured) are numbered.

Mayoral aide David Van Dam said the Registry will move out of City Hall — but not out of the city — in the spring.

“The mayor’s goal has been to get the Registry of Motor Vehicles to vacate City Hall and keep them in Haverhill. The mayor has achieved that goal,” Van Dam said.

The parking crunch in the City Hall lot should be alleviated in the spring, thanks not only to the Registry’s departure but the operations of Haverhill District Court, as well, which is using space in City Hall while the court building a block away is being renovated.

Van Dam said the Registry’s new location can’t be divulged until a lease agreement is completed.

WHAV will continue to report on this developing story.

4 thoughts on “RMV to Move Out of City Hall in Spring, But Will Remain in Haverhill

  1. My first guess would be harborplace. The Fiasco known as the the Domino strip mall is my second guess. To address curmudgeons question you have to negotiate a lease put bids out for Movers arrange schedules and all the technical particulars I’m moving a state agency.

    • MissK: The story from Aug 15, 2016 that is linked to this story said an RFP was issued over a year ago, so I would hope that much of the red tape involved in leasing space to a state agency had already been taken care of. Harbor Place would be another possibility, as there should be a strong desire by the state to try to fill the empty retail space they’ve created–still waiting on that restaurant near the courtyard that was supposed to open last December. However, parking at Harbor Place would be a problem.