Vargas Tops State Rep., City Council Races in Democrats’ Straw Poll

Andy Vargas topped both the state representative and City Council ballot results when the Haverhill Democratic City Committee released the results of its informal straw poll Saturday.

Democrats and guests, which met for the committee’s annual breakfast Saturday morning, cast ballots in races for Third Essex state representative, City Council and School Committee.

Coming in second in the City Council race was a tie between council President John A. Michitson and Councilor Thomas J. Sullivan. In the School Committee race, topping the ballot was Katrina E.J. Hobbs Everett, followed by Richard Smyth.

Winners are usually those who were accompanied by the most supporters at the annual event.


Candidates for State Representative
Andres X. Vargas 66%
Paul A. Magliocchetti 33%
Candidates for Haverhill City Council
Andres X. Vargas 54%
John A. Michitson 51%
Thomas J. Sullivan 51%
Timothy J. Jordan 43%
Melinda E. Barrett 38%
Fred A. Simmons 34%
Mary Ellen Daly O’Brien 33%
William J. Macek 31%
Colin F. LePage 29%
Hartell Johnson 27%
Joseph J. Bevilacqua 26%
Kenneth E. Quimby Jr. 18%
Kate M.J. McGregor 14%
Michael S. McGonagle 12%
Adele F. Martino 12%
Gregory R. Roberts 3%
Candidates for Haverhill School Committee
Katrina E.J. Hobbs Everett 57%
Richard E. Smyth 50%
Paul A. Magliocchetti 41%
Richard J. Rosa 40%
Maura L. Ryan-Ciardiello 4%


27 thoughts on “Vargas Tops State Rep., City Council Races in Democrats’ Straw Poll

  1. This straw poll is unscientific and as WHAV rightfully pointed out a result of who brought more supporters.

    So of course in the lefty crazy echo chamber Andyboy wins.

    • There is absolutely no question that Andy Vargas wants Haverhill to be a sanctuary city. Put aside his actions to interfere with the Federal Government working on immigration issues in Haverhill and all the other instances of his support invaders at the expense of citizens……look no further than the work of his father. His father is the founder of the “Dominican Organization of International Resources”….an organization whose purpose is to facilitate and help Dominicans illegally in the United States. Andy’s parents themselves came to this country illegally. Andy has literally been raised in an environment where breaking the laws of this country means nothing, and working to help others do the same thing is perfectly acceptable. For Andy, it’s not just acceptable for people to break the law, like his parents it is his mission.

      • The website for the organization says nothing about helping “Dominicans illegally in the United States.” What it does say is troubling enough. The mission is to direct resources towards the communities of the Dominican Republic.” Does that sound familiar?

        • John Smith: Like with virtually ALL organizations driven by a liberal agenda, they don’t come out and actually state what they stand for, and what they’re doing. It’s intentional manipulation.
          It does sound familiar…very familiar!

  2. What is to become of our city and the Commonwealth should we elect extreme liberals like Mr. Vargas. Just imagine Haverhill as a sanctuary city Certainly a Republican State Representative will do more to weaken Haverhill’s clout with the House of representatives. I have selected Paul Magliocchetti as the candidate that I will support in the Reps race. He is by far the the candidate that can do the most for our city and is the best qualified candidate.

    For City Council I recommend Joe Bevilacqua, Tom Sullivan and John Michitson. They voted not to increase the City Council salary. All three seem to be moderately inclined, have performed well in their City Council position and have the experience
    necessary to keep the city moving forward.

    • Joseph I agree with your selections and the reasoning behind them. I too like moderation in policy making.

      I’m not convinced that Mr. Vargas is the liberal -Shiva that you portray. But ,to your point, the extreme left zealots that weaken the Haverhill Democratic City Committee adore him. So, maybe.

      Mags is a good choice for this Republican , as I deeply, deeply, distrust Toohey.

  3. A couple of months ago Andy Vargas stated before a group of Democrats that his parents came to this country illegally from the Dominican Republic.

    What does this poll say about Democrats and what they stand for when the candidate they most support is only in this country as a result of his parents BREAKING THE LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY?

    • What do you care you care you truly hateful little man?

      I’d rather live amongst 100 illegals who go to work and build the society and matriculate toward citizenship then all these SSI collecting ,Natty Ice swilling , Public Safety taxing, pieces of Caucasian trash- who had 400 years of legislation in their favor and can’t manage to do anything more than rip a pack of Pall Malls on the porch That’s being provided by Section 8.

      By the way I favor Paul magliocchetti. Who is also a son of immigrants. Oddly enough both candidates can trace their Roots back to immigration.

      • On September 9th he said he was the son of Italian immigrants and his parents eventually sponsored aunts and uncles to immigrate to the US. I contacted two friends who were present to confirm that, I heard him correctly.

        But, I acknowledge the possibility exist 3 people mistook his comments or he made a mistake.

        Additionally, I understand the difference between visitors, documented ,and undocumented immigrants. Businesses has required me to deal directly with the issue several times. But, I thank you for questioning my statement in a reasonable fashion.

        • Sorry Joe. I was referring to Jack Haverhill’s comment, saying “A couple of months ago Andy Vargas stated before a group of Democrats that his parents came to this country illegally from the Dominican Republic.”

          • Jack constantly makes false statements. He’s just motivated by hate. He hates the firefighters he hates the police chief he hates Democrats he hates people with brown skin he just hates hates hates.

          • Retired Cop:
            Please see my comment below about Andy confirming his parents came to the USA illegally.


        My comments were not a mistake. Here is the link to the WHAV story of Andy bragging about his parents coming to this country illegally. In these comments Andy uses typical, intentional manipulated liberal speech in describing his parents. Notice that he doesn’t describe them as having worked hard to go through the legal immigration process in coming to this country. That’s because liberal immigration zealots like Andy don’t see the need to separate those that came here legally, and those that didn’t, like his parents. His parents broke the laws of this country and Andy then bragged about his father STEALING jobs that would have gone to Americans. He talks about a healthy Democracy as a child of criminals and thieves. So I’ll ask the question again: What’s this say about Democrats if this is the guy they support?

          • Retired Cop: Believe me when I say I’m not trying to lecture, but you need to assess what Andy “isn’t” saying to understand what he really means. Have you ever heard people talk about a family member when they went through the arduous and expensive immigration process?….They use the words “legal” and “US citizen”…because those words have tremendous value and meaning. Andy never uses anything close describing his family members “factually”. He uses liberal code language to avoid the truth.
            Given Andy has chosen to make his living as a politician, did you actually think he was going to say his parents came to this country illegally?