Magliocchetti Receives Support of Sen. O’Connor Ives in Rep. Bid

School Committeeman Paul A. Magliocchetti and State Sen. Kathleen O’Connor Ives. (Courtesy photograph.)

State Sen. Kathleen O’Connor Ives Tuesday endorsed Paul A. Magliocchetti in the race for the 3rd Essex state representative seat.

The endorsement came at School Committeeman Magliocchetti’s kick-off event at DiBurro’s with 175 supporters.

“Paul is a man of conviction. He is a man of dedication. He is smart, passionate, but also practical,” Ives said. “And, especially important in this line of work, Paul is hardworking and has a proven track-record of solving problems,” she added.

Magliocchetti also praised Ives.

“She has done a great job representing us in the Massachusetts Senate and I am confident we will make a great team for Haverhill on Beacon Hill.” He said he would work every day to tackle priorities.

“We have serious issues we need to address from healthcare to public safety to education. I will work every day to tackle these issues to help make the lives of Haverhill residents a little better and a little easier.” He said.

11 thoughts on “Magliocchetti Receives Support of Sen. O’Connor Ives in Rep. Bid

  1. Magliocchetti, as part of the school committee could not even begin to control that lying scumbag Scully, and now he wants to play a bigger roll in politics? His record is tarnished with cheating and disgrace…..if the people of haverhill really want to see a change, they will skip right over his name on the ballot!

  2. Shaun had a huge chance with the the Maggliochetti and Vargas spat over immigration. Shauns problem has always been a very poorly run campaign and this one is no different.

    • I’m not sure Shaun realizes getting elected means being a salesman. The product they’re selling is themselves, but tied directly to public policy. Jack, given how badly liberals have screwed the working class in this state, how difficult would it be to go down the list, issue by issue, to convince people continued support of liberal democrat public policy is a losing proposition? You’ll always run into people who will vote Democrat because they’re subsistence depends on it, but those folks can then be used as a selling point to moderates and lifelong democrats that ‘they’ are the ones paying for the hoards of people, and criminal trespassers in this state to live that lifestyle. I hope Shaun takes off the gloves because the way things are going he doesn’t stand a chance.

  3. Shaun Toohey…..where are you? You’re as invisible as Linda Dean Campbell. If you don’t start pounding home, every day, of how liberalism in this city and state has devastated middle class working households you’ll never get elected. Shaun, the statistics and data is overwhelming to make this case, but it has no value if you choose not to use it. Why are you wasting time knocking on doors of registered republicans…it’s a complete waste of time. If you’re going to play nice there is no way you can get elected.

    Shaun, you need to prepare to rip the socks off of whatever Democrat candidate in the city gets the nomination. They’re all in support of criminal trespassers illegally in the city and state. You could win the election on this issue alone by stating the fiscal and social negative impacts they have. But something tells me since you didn’t address this issue on the school committee, you don’t have the stones to do it at the state level either.

    • Will he do the work needed to win ? Not sure but this is a bit different than usual. Shaun had better get moving or suffer another embarrassing loss.

      • What do you mean by “this is a bit different than usual”?
        My point exactly about Shaun doing the work. There is so much that Shaun can point to just in Haverhill to indisputably point out what Massachusetts liberal public policy has done to deteriorate the quality of life, but he’s got to use it. In this election he has the luxury to point at Lawrence to make the case of what voting for Democrats does to a city. Lawrence is literally one of the most dangerous cities in the nation, and now Haverhill isn’t far behind.

        The fact that Shaun didn’t weigh in when Magliochetti and Vargas were arguing over who is a bigger supporter of criminal trespassers staying in the country is amazing to me. He missed a golden opportunity and it tells me he may not be up for the fight.

        • Fun Fact – National Geo.’s show “Drugs Inc.” was recently filmed in Lawrence – I watched the episode the other day. Not an honor anyone should be proud of

          • Thanks for mentioning it.
            Lawrence was also mentioned prominently on the TV 20/20 when they did a show on the drug problem in Manchester, NH. In it they said that literally all the drugs that show up in Manchester first go through the drug distribution channels in Lawrence. With the city council officially voting to declare Lawrence a sanctuary city, apparently that honor “is” something they’re proud of.