Police Chief to Brief Council on Response to Gun Violence in Acre

Haverhill Police Chief Alan R. DeNaro at the podium in 2017 while Capt. Stephen J. Doherty Jr. listens at left. (WHAV News file photograph.)

Haverhill police Chief Alan R. DeNaro is expected to appear before the City Council tonight to describe his department’s response to a wave of violence in the Acre neighborhood.

Click image for Haverhill City Council agenda.

A triple shooting outside 40 Nichols St. on Aug. 26 was the fourth incident in the neighborhood since July 1. Council President John A. Michitson and Councilor Michael S. McGonagle asked DeNaro for the update.

The council meets at 7 p.m. in the Theodore A. Pelosi City Council Chambers on the second floor of Haverhill City Hall. The meeting is open to the public.

Mayor James J. Fiorentini told WHAV that police have increased foot and bike patrols in the neighborhood for the second time this summer. He blamed the gunfire on gang-related activity.

The three shooting victims are expected to survive their injuries.

The council will also hear about a very different kind of response to violence, when representatives of the Haverhill High School Violence Intervention and Prevention Team and the Mount Washington organization Urban Kindness give a presentation about the 11th annual Walk for Peace. The walk, beginning at Swasey Field and ending at Silver Hill School, takes place on Saturday, Sept. 30, from 1 to 3:30 p.m.

21 thoughts on “Police Chief to Brief Council on Response to Gun Violence in Acre

  1. Maybe the Police Chief can fill us in on the incompetence of his Police Department. They have an unsolved murder in Bradford and they haven’t been able to solve any of these shootings. The Mayor refuses to demand accuntablity from his Police Chief and the Councilors are getting favors. Mr.Vargas got his cousion hired. Mr.Mcgonagle got two of his nephews hired and one failed out of the academy after failing a physical they swept under the rug. However in the next few months the chief will rehire Patrick. The Mayor allows the Chief to run a joke of a police department and hire the city councilors family members. Great leadership.

  2. I’ve never read anything or heard anyone declaring Haverhill as a sanctuary city. So, I wonder why this is being said repeatedly in the comments.

    Invaders? Mexicans are deported in droves (yes illegal immigration is way down under the Obama administration and it continues) and refugees from violence in South America are met with food, water and blankets by the Border Patrol. Then, theyre driven, by the border patrol ,to processing centers. Hardly sounds like an invasion.

    I think what Invaders really means in this context his other than white. I think someone’s trying to paint the picture that people who are not white don’t belong here and are criminals. It’s beginning to look a lot like the Third Reich.

      • Wrong Beth.

        The governor is on record opposing a bill before the legislature which would make Massachusetts a sanctuary state.

        So in other words perhaps I can make it simple enough for you Beth some people want Massachusetts to be a sanctuary state. The governor is not one of those people. So what you said is wrong. You were incorrect. You have fact dyslexia.

        • He may be opposed to the “sanctuary state” issue, but his track record of supporting “sanctuary cities” is another thing.

          When first elected to office, Baker spent months parading around the state with Daniel Rivera, the mayor of Lawrence. At the time the City of Lawrence had a local initiative coming up which was to declare itself a sanctuary city at the vote of city councilors. At each stop Rivera made claims that he was against it, and would not vote for it. When the time came Rivera changed his story and voted to support making Lawrence an official sanctuary city. Baker never said a word about Rivera and his lying for months on how he would vote on the issue. Baker ingratiated himself with Massachusetts Hispanics while putting on a fraudulent dog and pony show with Rivera.

      • That’s false. While there are many things I don’t like about Governor Baker, this is not one of them. Baker is on record not supporting Sanctuary Cities. Now, the person behind making MA a Sanctuary State is Jamie “I’m a Socialist at heart” Eldridge, go after him.

  3. This should be good. I wish the Chief would just get up, set up the cell phone to the microphone, and playback a recording of all the times in the past few years he’s been before the council, telling them what needs to be done. Then maybe, just maybe, someone may listen to him ! What else is he supposed to say ?

    • What should he say? How about the truth?
      He should remind the council how Andy Vargas went out of his way to warn criminals back in February on his Facebook page that the Federal Government was in the city doing their job….and then he should ask them how he’s supposed to fight crime and provide public safety when you have liberal democrats like Vargas aiding and abetting criminals and making it difficult for him to do his job.
      He should also tell the truth about the instructions he gets from the mayor to release hardcore criminals and gang members who he finds to be in this country illegally. He needs to tell the truth about the mayor putting political correctness and the liberal agenda ahead of public safety.

      He should ask EVERY councilor, one by one, why NONE of them made a comment about a young girl being raped in a city park a few months back by two criminal invaders in the country illegally. And when they all say nothing, he should ask them how he’s supposed to do his job when ALL of them are protecting the criminals he’s after.

      • Why should the city council comment on an ongoing criminal investigation? Who else do you think might be obligated to make comment the licensing Commission, the building inspector ,the Zoning Board of Appeals the alcoholic beverage Commission ,the Conservation Commission, the open space and Recreation committee the parking Commission should the school committee issue a statement?
        How about we let the courts do their job convicted scumbags and then ship there asses back to the miserable Nation from whence they came.

        • The people who occupy the positions on all those committees and boards you list are not elected officials. City councilors have a direct impact on public policy, therefore people have a “right” to know where they stand on issues. If a city councilor has no problem with criminal trespassers living, and working in the city then voters have a “right” to know what side of that issue they come down on. As in the case with the rapists of the young woman in Haverhill they were in the country illegally and working for a roofing company. The courts are overflowing with cases that with some proactive policy making would have prevented crimes from occurring in the first place.

          As you once again prove, the cause and affect of liberalism can’t be seen by democrats blinded by political ideology.

  4. I find it interesting that WHAV no longer prints the events in Haverhill from the daily police log. Even when there was a very sensational event that took place in GAR Park recently WHAV didn’t even mention it. I wonder why?

    Does the mayor think if crimes are not published publicly that they don’t actually occur?

      • It’s a “fact” that they mayor blocks anyone on his Facebook page who doesn’t agree with him.
        It’s a “fact” that the mayor held up the WHAV FM license for several years because he wanted WHAV to ban anyone commenting anonymously on this news site.
        It’s a “fact” that mayor failurentini and Methuen mayor Zanni forced the late Al White, Editor of the Lawrence Eagle Tribune to discontinue their comment section.

        You need to better educate yourself, Joey.

    • The police log is no longer printed ANYWHERE. It is not posted on WHAV, not posted in the LET, and not posted in The Haverhill Gazette. I have long thought that this lack of transparency is an attempt TO HIDE from Haverhill residents, how much crime exists in the City. Is it the Mayor or the Police Chief who makes these decisions, or is it a dual decision?????

    • Once and for all, the only ones who edit the news at WHAV are WHAV staff members. To provide two to four times as much local news daily as all other sources combined, WHAV must set priorities because of its limited budget. Every major police story is not only reported, but usually reported by WHAV days before other sources. An amorous encounter in GAR Park didn’t make the cut since there were real news stories with true impacts on residents’ lives that day. Police logs contain hundreds of items daily from domestic arguments to dogs barking. WHAV can bring even more news forward with membership donations and sponsor underwriting. Consider a News Leader membership at https://whav.net/leadership-circle-membership/.

  5. “The three shooting victims are expected to survive their injuries” –

    Were they “victims” or targeted because of their involvement in drug trade or rival gang activities? No names were released, were they Invaders? That area allows Invaders to live openly in this city. Invaders from the rape last year lived around the corner on White Street, part of Mayor Jimmy’s (and City Council’s) de facto sanctuary city policy. How inviting, I’m sure it makes a young couple with means want to move to a city like Haverhill with gangs, Invaders, poor schools, over-whelmed police with crime higher than state averages for cities our size, and throw in some local/state crony capitalism for good measure.

    As Mayor Jimmy likes to say: “Haverhill is on the move!” – Not sure he knows what he thinks that means.