Democrats to Honor Local Members; Give Candidates a Forum Saturday

Attorney William D. Cox Jr., chairman, during last year’s Haverhill Democratic City Committee breakfast. (File photograph.)

Doug Edison, Jean Sanders and Bob Young will be honored Saturday morning for their contributions to the local Democratic party.

The Haverhill Democratic City Committee have named the trio as this year’s “Distinguished Democrats.” They will receive recognition at the Committee’s annual breakfast, Saturday, Sept. 9, from 10 to 11:30, at the Galleria Banquet Room of Maria’s Restaurant, 85 Essex St.

The event, which is open to the public, will also be the first time all three Democratic candidates for the state representative seat being vacated by Brian S. Dempsey will address the public. School Committeeman Paul A. Magliocchetti, Eva Montibello and City Councilor Andy Vargas are expected to speak. The Tuesday, Oct. 10 special primary will narrow the field to one who will face off Nov. 7 against the sole Republican in the race, School Committeeman Shaun P. Toohey.

Also expected to attend the breakfast are candidates for mayor, city council and school committee. Democratic candidates for Governor, Setti Warren, Jay Gonzalez and Bob Massie, have also been invited to speak.

Tickets are $25 each and ticket holders are eligible to vote in the traditional candidates’ straw poll. For information, contact Roz McKeon, breakfast chair, at 978-373-4032 or by email at [email protected].

7 thoughts on “Democrats to Honor Local Members; Give Candidates a Forum Saturday

  1. From what I know about Ralph he’s more of a centrist . So there is not a chance of being embraced by an organization that is so far to the left. Why would they honor a decorated veteran that’s overcome many obstacles to become the man he is today. Keep going for the left Democratic City committee. You’re going to lose us all

    • Insiders (my aunt) are saying Marine veteran Ralph Basilere was snubbed for the honor because he refused to cave to the lefty wingbats.

      I went to necco with him. He invited me to join the Haverhill democrats last December. What a personality, also very studious and bright.

      • LMAO! The thought of liberal crazies opposing Ralph is hilarious! Union man,check. Veteran,check. Tradesman, check, Community man, check.

        Sounds like Ralphie (a colorful townie) is too much like the dems who BUILT that party to be well received by the crazies who’ve hijacked it.

        • Truthfully, I can’t and won’t dispute anything said EXCEPT the notion that, I deserved the recognition of the HDCC. I DO NOT.

          Most importantly ,the HDCC is a united body. I chair Ward I, with my dear friend Jean Sanders as my Treasurer . #jeanrules

          I respect Doug for his advocacy of the poor . Bob Young is a tireless defender of the Democratic principles I value. In fact, I shall be attending with my fiancee and friends.

          Am I liked by the far left ? No.
          Am I liked by the far right? No.
          Do I give a hot, wet, rats ass? NO.
          Both those factions are dangerous , tearing this nation apart – making us the laughing stock of world.

          In closing, there’s nothing to see here folks. I have no further comment.

          • Ralph, what standing are you referring to? The socialist countries throughout Europe who mindlessly open their borders to the very people who have vowed to destroy them? The middle eastern countries run by terrorists now thinking twice about f kg with the USA because we now have a president willing to stand up to them?

            Obama, with his Globalist policies gave the ship away for the sake of embracing socialist governments around the world. With a president now fully committed to protecting the interests of Americans first it’s a long waited breath of fresh air. I talk often to socialists in Europe about their mocking of President Trump. They all have forgotten the USA was created a few short generations ago as a rejection of the form of government they so insanely continue to embrace. Let ’em laugh all they want!! It’s a confirmation of the insanity of socialist liberal policies. And Ralph…MAGA baby!!

          • Classy response Ralph.
            The real story is you getting married.
            Had to read it 3X!!
            I hear em crying up and down the east coast.