Councilor O’Brien Endorses Vargas for State Representative

From left, City Councilors Mary Ellen Daly O’Brien and William J. Macek, Thomas O’Brien and Andy Vargas. (Courtesy photograph.)

Eight-term Haverhill City Councilor Mary Ellen Daly O’Brien Sunday endorsed fellow City Councilor Andy Vargas in his bid for the vacant Third Essex state representative seat.

O’Brien joins council Vice President Melinda E. Barrett and Councilors William J. Macek and Michael S. McGonagle in endorsing Vargas.

“With the departure of Brian Dempsey as our state representative, his successor has one tough act to follow. I believe that in order for our next representative to come anywhere close to the effectiveness of Brian, they need to be a consensus builder who can cross divides in order to get things done. I have seen firsthand how Andy puts politics aside and works with all councilors to find a middle ground that was beneficial for Haverhill. He will bring this same approach and hard work ethic to Beacon Hill. Andy’s unique perspective and passion will not only benefit Haverhill but also Beacon Hill. The bottom line is that he does his research, listens to the community and knows how to collaborate to get things done.”

Vargas, School Committeeman Paul A. Magliocchetti and Eva Montibello are each seeking the Democratic nomination during a special primary election Tuesday, Oct. 10. The winner will face off against Republican Shaun P. Toohey.

16 thoughts on “Councilor O’Brien Endorses Vargas for State Representative

    • Someone once said there isn’t much difference between politicians and pollution.
      They both show up where they’re not wanted, and stink to holy hell.

  1. Now that it’s official and President Trump is not renewing DACA, the Obama era amnesty program, the question needs to be asked….How does this affect Andy Vargas?

    Two months ago Andy himself stated before a group of Democrats that his parents came to this country illegally. With Andy’s admission, his personal status is one of two things…He is an Anchor Baby and a US citizen as a result of his criminal trespassing parents having him in this country….or….he was born outside the country and his parents brought him here when they entered the country illegally.

    You’re the one who brought up the issue of your parents illegally entering this country Andy….so which is it?

  2. I remember when Brian became Rep at 24 as well… they said all the same things below. You gentleman need to spend more time with your families and less time bashing a young leader… history sure does repeat itself.

    • Marie

      I’ll put you down for slightly naive here. If you think the current structure on Beacon Hill provides “leaders” then I’m not quite sure you see the full picture.

    • Marie, it is documented “fact” that the social and economic decline in the state of the union for the City of Haverhill can be directly linked to when both Brian Dempsey and mayor failurentini entered the political arena in the early 90’s. It is factually and statistically indisputable that every measurable statistic relating to the quality of life of citizens in Haverhill is significantly to the negative side of each issue. If this is what you call “leadership” then you’re the perfect example of why these incompetent liberal democrats keep getting re-elected in the first place.

      Marie, I’m not bashing anyone on here. I’m pointing out FACTS that don’t otherwise get reported or discussed. You, Marie, sound like someone desperately in need of knowing the facts of what these liberals have done to this once great city.

  3. A freshman city Councillor who has barely made a mark in the city is now being endorsed by “colleagues” because he’s the best person for the next job that he knows basically nothing about. Andy is attempting to rise to his level of incompetence…however, the basic fact remains he’s already there.

    Good luck to the hard working overly taxed Massachusetts residents if this rookie gets elected, he’s absolutely at the top of the bell curve.

  4. Interesting how these so-called ‘seasoned” politicos put their faith in someone so inexperienced and partisan. Love how O’Brien says Vargas “Puts politics aside” . This tells me she hardly knows who she is endorsing. Vargas is a purely political partisan who is a “Plant” so to speak to fulfill an agenda. Watch and see how non-partisan he will be as a Rep. IF he gets elected. All you have to do is listen to his statements when he thinks nobody is listening – IN Spanish.

    • In the real world outside of liberal La La Land of Massachusetts, Andy would have been arrested last February by The Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials when he knowingly and intentionally went out of his way to interfere with ICE doing their job in Haverhill. “Obstruction of Justice” is a very serious crime. When Andy warned criminal invaders illegally in Haverhill to seek safe haven from Federal Law Enforcement officials he laid it all out there for everyone to see who he’s concerned about. And it isn’t law biding citizens of Haverhill.

      What I’m curious about is….How can the Spanish community of legal US Citizens living in Haverhill support Andy? When Andy said nothing about a young Spanish girl getting raped in a city park because his silence was helping the two criminal invaders who raped her, how can legal Spanish people support a fraud like that? Not to mention, anyone who has legally immigrated to this country can’t honestly support someone who is on the side of criminals bypassing the legal path to citizenship, can they?

        • Wrong!
          Interfering with Federal Authorities working in an official capacity of doing their job is Obstruction Of Justice. Especially for Acorn Andy who, as an elected local official, has a sworn duty to protect the interests of the citizens of Haverhill and may have commented on Facebook based on private government information.

          Don’t let your support of illegal invaders cloud the ‘fact’ that what Andy did was a criminal act.

  5. Politicians make their livings preaching and promising. They lie, make impossible promises, manipulate the truth to their own self interest, and they outright ignore issues. The fact that Linda Dean Campbell has not made any kind of public comment about the future since Dempsey announced he wasn’t running for re-election is a telling sign of the pain the future holds for the City of Haverhill on Beacon Hill.

    Now Haverhill Democrats are pinning their hopes on an immature child who has absolutely no chance of being taken seriously in Boston by seasoned politicians?

    Haverhill is already on the path to enduring incredibly painful consequences given Dempsey’s departure. If Andy were to get elected the pain might just be too much to endure. The city needs an experienced adult to hold that office….not a child who will never be taken seriously on Beacon Hill.

      • James, can you name even one thing that Dempsey accomplished in his time as State Rep?

        James…FYI: Bringing back state money to a city in the midst of financial and social collapse as a result of policies he had a role in implementing is not an accomplishment.