State to Add $1.6 Million to Downtown Haverhill Redevelopment

Architect’s rendering of Salvatore Lupoli’s “The Heights.”

After investing millions in the construction of Harbor Place, the state is stepping up again with $1.6 million for Merrimack Street’s newest project, Salvatore Lupoli’s “The Heights.”

The 10-story mid-rise combination of commercial and market rate residential space is to be built on the city’s public parking lot between Rent-A-Center and Haverhill Bank. The latest state MassWorks grant is for infrastructure improvements related to the project. Details were to be released during a ceremony at the end of the riverfront boardwalk behind 192 Merrimack St. Lupoli already owns the building, housing Ocasio’s True Martial Arts and Phoenix Rising Church, on the other side of the bank. The property will contain additional parking.

Last fall, the Lupoli Companies of Lawrence was the only firm to respond to the city’s request for proposals to redevelop a downtown parking lot. Lupoli agreed to pay $701,000 for the lot. The project is valued at $30 million and is slated to include a cafe and a new Salvatore’s Restaurant with a rooftop deck.

12 thoughts on “State to Add $1.6 Million to Downtown Haverhill Redevelopment

    • Great idea!! Let’s provide more subsidized housing to the welfare crowd that is already getting everything paid for by taxpayers.

      Hey, maybe that homeless couple that was arrested having fun in GAR Park this week is looking for a place to live!

      • They own and run the majority of high rise 40B housing in Haverhill. The son took over Suffolk Construction, while the brother was given no-bid contract to build Harbor Place. The sisters run Peabody Properties, with an office in Haverhill. They donate a TON of money to Beacon Hill, pure “pay-to-play” players, what they want, they get, and we all pay for it.

    • Wanna bet Sal already has state agencies who have agreed to move into the building at above market rates? It’s the new receipt for State of Massachusetts redevelopment….subsidize the construction and then guarantee occupancy by moving a state agency or two into the facility. They did the same thing with Harbor Place and UMass. And once all the state agency jobs have been moved from some other location into the new building Joe Bevilacqua will make a statement about all the jobs they “created”. Sal did this same thing in Lawrence with the help of the State Dept of Welfare and Joe claimed they “created” hundreds of jobs.