Power Line Contact Briefly Traps Construction Worker in Excavator

A repaving project at 3M, 55 Ward Hill Ave., Bradford,turned into a tense situation when a dump truck bed came into contact with power lines.

An excavator operator escaped harm this morning when downed high voltage power lines trapped him in his vehicle while working in Ward Hill.

Haverhill Fire Chief William F. Laliberty said the incident began sometime after 9, this morning, during a parking lot repaving project at 3M, 55 Ward Hill Ave. He said a dump truck operator, working alongside the excavator, raised the truck’s bed and struck the high-tension power lines. Both the dump truck and excavator were damaged by fire and electrical current passing through the vehicles.

“Nobody got hurt. It was a tense situation for a while, but everyone was able to escape safely,” Laliberty said. He explained the excavator operator was forced to remain in the vehicle while crews from National Grid shut off power.

The resulting power outage temporarily caused operations to cease at a number of Ward Hill businesses, including WHAV’s studios.

One thought on “Power Line Contact Briefly Traps Construction Worker in Excavator

  1. Can you imagine the amount information that would fill the papers if Supt Jim Scully put out a press release every time someone under his charge did their job?

    This is what it’s come to with the HFD. Every time they actually do something a press release is sent out.
    More FAKE NEWS from the FELON, Fire Chief William Laliberty, who intentionally stole over $2,000 from Haverhill taxpayers.