Vargas, Magliocchetti Spar Over Reported Immigration Issues

  1. Haverhill School Committeeman Paul A. Magliocchetti  and City Councilor Andy Vargas.

In the first sign of rivalry between two of the Democratic candidates for Haverhill’s state representative seat, City Councilor Andy Vargas and School Committeeman Paul A. Magliocchetti sparred Wednesday over immigration issues.

Citing an interview with Magliocchetti appearing in a recent edition of the Valley Patriot newspaper, Vargas criticized Magliocchetti’s reported statement that immigrants should “register with the government.”

“Paul completely misses the point, and in fact his position will lead to exactly the action he says he is against, breaking apart hard working families,” Vargas said in a statement. “The Trump administration has in fact raided homes to break up families and deport parents of children who are citizens of this country” Vargas added, “This policy is impractical and fiscally imprudent. Haverhill residents are smart enough to know the facts and not give into shameless fear mongering.”

Magliocchetti responded last night, telling WHAV he and Vargas mostly agree on the issue, but Vargas misinterpreted his newspaper quote.

“I was talking about an amnesty program. I think Andy misunderstands my position,” Magliocchetti said. The school committeeman explained certain immigrants have petitions pending with the government, but which the feds fail to process in a timely manner and causing law-abiding people to overstay their visas. “The federal government should let you stay while you’re processing the paperwork. They should be able to stay here and work unless it is determined you’re a problem or a burden,” Magliocchetti said.

Vargas acknowledged his opponent’s position, as it was expressed at a Democratic City Committee meeting Monday.

“I was heartened to see Paul at the Haverhill Democrats Immigration meeting held this week, where he expressed a much different attitude than what was said in this article,” Vargas said. “To leave the impression that I want to assist criminals is inflammatory and has no place in this race. I am against all criminals – whether they are immigrants or citizens.” The city councilor said he does support deportation of dangerous criminals.

“I am absolutely in favor of deporting drug dealers, gang members and those who commit violent crimes.”

Magliocchetti responded he did not characterize Vargas’ position, saying “What he read is what someone else said about me. What (Vargas) wrote is what he thinks.”

Most of what Vargas said in his statement was aimed at the newspaper, calling the reporting “utterly false and disappointing.”

Magliocchetti said he wishes Vargas waited to talk with him before issuing a statement. He said Vargas sent him a text earlier in the day, but the two hadn’t yet had time to talk.

“He’s very impulsive. His youth and inexperience is showing. I think it was impulsive. I like him, but this is irresponsible,” Magliocchetti said. He added that he believes Vargas going on Facebook to warn immigrants of federal raids was also impulsive. While he said he agrees with Vargas that immigrants should know their rights, he said, “You don’t know how people will react. It’s creating a stressful environment for the very people you’re trying to protect.” Rather than social media, he said Vargas should have considered private meetings.

Both candidates said they prefer a positive campaign.

“The people of Haverhill deserve the same high-level of integrity, authenticity and pragmatism that Brian Dempsey has always brought to this seat. I hope we can get back to running a positive campaign, and I look forward to continuing to do so,” Vargas said.

Montibello Says She Will Advocate for Vulnerable Populations; Toohey Plans Kick-Off with Polito

Meanwhile, as first reported by WHAV yesterday, School Committeeman Scott W. Wood Jr. said he would not seek the Democratic nomination for state representative. He cited his mother’s recent surgery and expected long rehabilitation process as reasons he would not run. However, another Democrat, Eva Montibello, took out nomination papers this week.

“I’ve been an advocate for vulnerable populations, now I’m ready to be an advocate for Haverhill on Beacon Hill,” she said on her social media page Tuesday.

Republican Shaun P. Toohey said Wednesday he plans a campaign kick-off with Lt. Governor Karyn Polito next Tuesday at Maria’s Family Restaurant.

11 thoughts on “Vargas, Magliocchetti Spar Over Reported Immigration Issues

  1. Vargas said “Haverhill residents are smart enough to know the facts….”

    Hey Andy, do you think Haverhill residents are smart enough to know they’re the ones footing the bill for the approximately $12Million a year tab it costs to educate the children of the criminal trespassers in this country illegally attending Haverhill schools?

    Andy, do you think Haverhill residents are smart enough to know they paid the $144,000.00 for YOUR Haverhill public school education when your parents committed the crime of coming to this country illegally?

  2. Mags is right. Vargas’ youth and inexperience is showing. Say what you will, but Vargas is following the Democrat party political line. “Tearing apart families” ? How about the families of those killed by people here illegally ? Talk to them about the rule of law being ignored. Mr. Vargas needs to gain some experience in life other than politics and its’ cronies.

    Many Haverhill leaders have their heads in the sand about what is happening in the city. Police calls up 45% in ONE YEAR means something is wrong and it needs to be fixed. Yet, they cave to the Mayor ( who thinks he can win a congressional seat, stayed tuned), and only hire a few cops. The dirty little secret is that other cops are leaving the city for better pay. The city is at a boiling point and getting worse, yet they sit and talk about trees, trails, and bump-outs !

  3. Vargas & Magliocchetti sparring over which illegal immigrants get a free ride in Haverhill is a clear sign you should consider a candidate that will uphold the rule of law. Republican Shaun Toohey is a much better choice.

  4. “shameless fear mongering” – It’s not fear mongering, it’s the rule of law, and without a rule of law, there is no liberty.

    I wonder where Magliocchetti was all these years in regard to illegal immigration since Haverhill RMV many years ago was caught in creating false I.D.’s for illegals. Even more recently, illegals living openly in the city, where city officials completely ignored complaints at dwellings housing multiple illegals. A dwelling that was not only held by a sham company, but eventually led to the rape of a Haverhill Resident. A crime, were the rule of law actually enforced in this city, this state, and this country, would have never happened in the first place.

    We also know, thanks to The Boston Police Department, that illegal invaders from The Dominican Republic are The Drug Cartel of choice in regard to the drug trade that is wreaking havoc in this city and this state. Using stolen I.D.’s or Residents from Puerto Rico, and a political ideology that has no interest in upholding the rule of law.

    This is before this city and state opens it’s arms to supporting illegal invaders and the abuse of The Fourteenth Amendment. Because of this, Haverhill & Massachusetts Resident have to go without, as there’s simply not enough funding already (both running net deficits). Schools are impacted, HEATH CARE (Heath Safety Net pays for invaders health care), criminal justice system, housing, and other social safety nets.

    We have enough problems with the indigenous population already, we do not need to tolerate the illegal importation of more problems. The first step in doing so is by electing officials who not only believe in a rule of law, but actually will uphold them for the benefit of their fellow American.