Security Cameras to Protect Employees as Well as City, Mayor’s Aide Says

Four cameras are keeping an eye on everything that goes on in the city Treasurer and Tax Collector’s office.

Mayoral aide David Van Dam said the cameras, which come with software that allows the surveillance to be recorded and linked to the Haverhill Police Department, cost about $9,100, an expenditure that city councilors approved during their meeting Tuesday.

Two cameras were installed in the front area of the office where residents pay taxes and other municipal bills, one was installed in the middle room where money is counted, and one is trained on the safe.

The cameras will keep office workers safe as well as protect the city against theft by office employees, Van Dam said.

Last fall, a tax collector’s office employee, Dawn Marie Medford (pictured), 46, a resident of the city’s Bradford section, was charged with stealing roughly $33,000 in cash and checks from the city. She was charged with two counts of larceny over $250 and one count of larceny under $250.