Andover K-9 Officer Mickey Connor: Canine Partner Grimm Gives Me ‘Upper Hand’ With the Bad Guys

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After 10 years with Andover’s K-9 Police Unit, Officer Mickey Connor knows a thing or two about bonding with his four-legged partners. His current dog, a German Shepherd named Grimm, is one of the best, he tells WHAV.

Officer Connor works so well with his current canine partner that he’s able to call on the dog to protect him in the event of fights while on patrol.

“Our shepherds are trained to protect us. Say we’re in a fight, I have a button on my belt where the back door [of the cruiser] will open up and he’ll come out and help me,” said Connor. “He’ll engage the bad guy and make a distraction to help me get the upper hand on the bad guy.”

Six-year-old Grimm assists Andover police and other local communities with human tracking and narcotics searches. He also assisted with SWAT operations in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing.

“Shepherds are just really smart. He’s got that ‘I’m not afraid of anything’ attitude. They don’t like to lose. They don’t like to back down.”

Officer Connor tells WHAV Grimm, whose search efforts can match that of 15 officers, is the one in charge when they’re on patrol.

“Well, he makes the rules; I just follow. As my trainer, Troy Caisey, says ‘Just hold onto the leash; the dogs are smarter than us.’ And they are smart!”