Magliocchetti, Vargas Remain in Local Races Despite State Rep. Runs

School Committee member Paul A. Magliocchetti and City Councilor Andy Vargas appear on both the local election ballot in their respective races, as well as the state Democratic primary ballot.

Neither of the two candidates vying for the Democratic nomination for state representative opted to withdraw from their respective City Council and School Committee elections.

Thursday’s 5 p.m. deadline for withdrawal passed with both City Councilor Andy Vargas and School Committee member Paul A. Magliocchetti remaining on the Tuesday, Nov. 7 municipal ballot.

“My focus is on the state rep. race and intend to serve only as state rep. We won’t be actively campaigning for council,” Vargas told WHAV Thursday night. Magliocchetti could not be immediately reached for comment before news deadline.

By the time of the city election, one will have been eliminated from Third Essex state representative seat as a result of the special Oct. 10 Democratic primary. Voters will see the remaining candidate on both the separate state and local ballots during the final election. That assumes neither choose to withdraw from the state race by the Sept. 8 deadline.

School Committee member Shaun P. Toohey is the only Republican to date to enter the race. He originally planned a City Council run. However, Toohey chose instead to seek only the representative seat to be vacated next month by Rep. Bran S. Dempsey.

Other possible candidates include School Committee member Scott W. Wood.

10 thoughts on “Magliocchetti, Vargas Remain in Local Races Despite State Rep. Runs

  1. Disgusting, these two. Vargas saying he will campaign for one office and be on two ballots. Just disgusting and the same goes for Maggliochetti! Toohey is the only one who did it right.

  2. Covering their bets, are they? AND….. Will we be FORCED to pay for a special election if one of them wins the race for State Rep? Greedy and selfish, I call it…. Both of these local pols should get off the fence, run for one post or the other, and do it asap.

    • Two weeks ago I paid my water bill….it was $168.00. While going through some old papers last night I found a water bill for the same period dated back to 1989…it was $44.00.

      I hate having an incompetent, corrupt liberal hack mayor.

      How’s that? Was that what you were looking for?

      • Did your electric bill go up since 1989? What about your grocery bill or the cost of a gallon of gasoline? Did those go up because of the normal course of things or did they go up because of the mayor? Jack you really are an ass clown calling someone corrupt without any evidence-you really are stinking rat.

        • Do you really need me to take the time to list ALL of the incidents of the mayor being a liar, corrupt, incompetent and an absolutely terrible boss to the people that report to him?