Drawing Decides Local Ballot Order; Sullivan Draws Top Spot

City Councilor Thomas J. Sullivan.

City Councilor Thomas J. Sullivan took the top spot on the Haverhill City Council ballot during a drawing Thursday afternoon at the City Clerk’s office. Maura Ryan-Ciardiello drew the top spot on the School Committee ballot.

There are 16 candidates for nine City Council seats and five for three School Committee positions. There is no preliminary election this year because too few candidates chose to seek elected office. The final city election is Tuesday, Nov. 7—the same day voters will choose a state representative in a special election.

“It’s a great sign, and with a lot of hard work in the fall, I hope to place number one then as well,” Sullivan told WHAV.

In January, city councilors will be paid $15,000 annually, while the council president will receive $18,000, as a result of a vote last month.

The remaining ballot order for City Council candidates is:

  1. Councilor Colin F. LePage
  2. Councilor Mary Ellen Daly O’Brien
  3. Councilor Andy Vargas
  4. Kenneth E. Quimby
  5. Council President John A. Michitson
  6. Fred Simmons
  7. Tim Jordan
  8. Councilor Joseph J. Bevilacqua
  9. Hartell Johnson
  10. Councilor William J. Macek
  11. Councilor Michael S. McGonagle
  12. Council Vice President Melinda E. Barrett
  13. Adele Martino
  14. Kate McGregor
  15. Firefighter Gregory Roberts

The remaining ballot order for School Committee candidates is:

  1. Katrina Hobbs Everett
  2. School Committeeman Paul A. Magliocchetti
  3. Richard Rosa
  4. Richard Smyth

Mayor James J. Fiorentini is running unopposed. His salary increases to $110,000 in January.

7 thoughts on “Drawing Decides Local Ballot Order; Sullivan Draws Top Spot

  1. “Firefighter Gregory Roberts”
    Is this his official name?

    Hey, Greg….a word of advice. You’re associated by default with a very large group of thieves, crooks and FELONS. The best thing you could possibly do for your candidacy is to kept secret that you’re a HFD employee. If you think somehow promoting that your a HFD public employee union member is going to get you elected you are greatly uninformed to the perception of your department. Haverhill citizens consider the HFD to be a bunch of thieves….because factual history shows they are. Even your Chief is a felon!

    • Jack, I’m wondering myself why my name is listed that way. Kinda funny how nobody else’s profession is listed. I can only imagine why mine is listed that way.

      • Titles of those receiving a city salary (e.g., councilors and school committee members) are listed. Perhaps, Fred Simmons should also have a title since he is a school custodian. It is relevant since individuals working for the city cannot take two salaries.

  2. Tom Sullivan is a terrific City Councillor. Also he voted not to increase the stipend of the Council members. I plan on voting for him and wish him the very best. Please join me in supporting Thomas Sullivan.