Vargas Plans Campaign HQ Opening Saturday; ‘Weekend of Action’

Haverhill City Councilor Andy Vargas addresses the state Democratic Convention in June. (Courtesy photograph.)

Andy Vargas, the Haverhill city councilor seeking the Democratic nomination for the Third Essex state representative seat, is opening his campaign headquarters Saturday and planning a “Weekend of Action.”

Events begin at the 149 Washington St. headquarters, which opens Saturday with a ceremony at 10 a.m., followed by door-to-door canvassing. Vargas said he wants to defeat the belief voter turnout will be light for the Tuesday, Oct. 10 primary election.

“While we are being told voter turnout will be low in this special election, we have every intention of proving otherwise,” Vargas said in a statement. “In this effort, we’ve opened up a dedicated space to bring members of the Haverhill community together as we prepare to turn out the vote.”

During the “Weekend of Action,” he said, supporters will make direct contact with prospective voters. “We know that this race is going to be pretty tight. Regardless of how the race projects, we are not taking any voter for granted and will fight to earn every vote.”

His campaign press release lists Brennan Spencer as campaign manager.

5 thoughts on “Vargas Plans Campaign HQ Opening Saturday; ‘Weekend of Action’

  1. By “criminals”, the gentleman means undocumented residents/immigrants.

    Some folks vote or come to their own political opinions based on what they read on comment trends/threads. We need to be careful with the language that we use…. you make it sound like Andy Vargas is aiding and abetting dangerous and violent individuals. So we need to be careful using a sensor word like “criminal” because our minds will quickly come to this conclusion.

    Also, to say that criminals = undocumented immigrants is super offensive and racist. We should be careful to not label an entire population/group of people.

    And while we are on the topic, we can’t be “choosy” when using the word “illegal” along with the word “criminal”. If you choose to say this for any person who’s breaking the law, then a simple speeding or parking ticket must make a person a “criminal” for doing something “illegal” or breaking the law……… come on, gentlemen

    And, last thing, if you’ve been following Andy Vargas, you’d know that he’s been forward and clear about deporting drug dealers, gang bangers, and those who pose dangerous and violent threats to our community. It’s too convenient for you to ignore this part of his message.

    • “Also, to say that criminals = undocumented immigrants is super offensive and racist.” – You know where you can shove that political correctness bullshit don’t you? The rule of law states otherwise, 8 U.S.C. 1325 is black letter law, and it doesn’t make anyone racist. Speeding and parking are civil infractions, not criminal, so terrible analogy.

      I’ve followed Andy since he became councilor, I’ve even met with him personally. I like our youth involved in politics, including Andy, it’s a refreshing change from the decades-long career crony jackasses currently serving. Andy KNOWS there are many issues we do not agree on, especially ILLEGAL immigration, but there are other issues we in fact do agree on.

      Unlike the extreme idiots on both sides in the news these days, Andy and I can have CIVIL conversations, even when we do not agree on issues, especially on ILLEGAL immigration. While I will never speak for Andy, if you in fact know him personally, I think he will agree if you ask him that while our opinions and views differ on a variety of issues, we are cordial and polite to each other.

      In fact, based on the way Massachusetts politics have been the past 20 years, even though I’m a registered “Unenrolled”/Independent, I’m probably more of a Democrat than most of the one’s that claim they are, but I do not believe in “Party” and the subservient loyalties that come with such designations (as Washington said would happen). Most of the Democrats in this state serving in office claim they are Democrats, but their VOTE and policies say otherwise, with a ridiculously tragic record to prove it.

  2. With all of the illegal invader gangs and drug dealers with guns in Haverhill, the city is now a VERY dangerous place. This past February Federal Law enforcement officials were in Haverhill. After learning that Federal Agents were in Haverhill Andy immediately posted a warning on his Facebook page to the criminals in the city to seek safe haven and hide. Think about that for a second. Without having any knowledge what so ever about what Federal law enforcement officials were doing in the city, Andy’s first instinct was to help the criminals the Feds were after, not protect the interests of citizens of Haverhill. As an elected official sworn to protect the interests of Haverhill citizens Andy instead chose to protect the interests of the very people that are making the city such a dangerous place. In aiding the criminal invaders Andy made it very clear he is their advocate and supporter.

    The promotion of the liberal ideology that protecting criminal invaders in this country via public policy positions like Andy’s warning is what has turned Haverhill into an extremely dangerous place to live. A vote for Andy means you support the continuation of sanctuary public policy that welcomes the criminals to the city.