Team Haverhill, Haverhill Bank Seek New Home for Shoe Sculpture

The Nordstrom-designed shoe sculpture needs a new home. (Courtesy photograph.)

Apparently, it’s not as easy as an old shoe to find a home for an old shoe.

Team Haverhill and Haverhill Bank are partnering to find a new home for one of the original shoe sculptures created for the Soles of Haverhill project. The shoe, designed by luxury department store Nordstrom, has been on display at the bank’s Lafayette Square branch since 2009. The shoe sculptures salute Haverhill’s celebrated manufacturing history as the Queen Slipper City.

“Since 2009, Team Haverhill’s ‘Soles of Haverhill’ shoe sculpture project has generated a great deal of interest from residents and visitors alike, and we are thrilled that so many of the shoes remain on display around the city,” said Team Haverhill President Alice Mann. “We are delighted that Haverhill Bank could display the Nordstrom-designed shoe at the Lafayette Square branch for so many years. But now that shoe needs a new home, hopefully a lobby or shop window where the public can continue to enjoy this colorful tribute to the art of shoe design.”

Proposals for ownership are being accepted from any interested public or private group through Sept. 5. A committee, including members from both Team Haverhill and Haverhill Bank, has been assembled to review proposals and select a new owner for the sculpture. Preference will be given to interested parties who plan to display the shoe at a Haverhill location where it can be viewed by the public, either during business hours or full-time. An interior location, such as a lobby or store window, would be best suited for this particular shoe, Mann suggested.

Those interested in adopting the shoe may request an application by emailing [email protected].