Glenn, Other College Presidents Condemn Virginia Hate and Violence

Northern Essex Community College President Lane A. Glenn. (Courtesy photograph.)

Northern Essex Community College President Lane A. Glenn.

A coalition of the presidents of all of the state’s community colleges today strongly condemned the “violence, bigotry, racism and hate” displayed last weekend in Charlottesville, Virg.

In a statement issued by Northern Essex Community College President Lane A. Glenn, on behalf of the 15 presidents of Massachusetts Community Colleges, the group reiterated that students from all walks of life are welcome at the state’s campuses.

“We reject, in the strongest possible terms, hateful rhetoric, harmful actions, or attempts to diminish the values or identity of our community members, while remaining committed to the fundamental right of free speech. These actions will not gain a foothold on our campuses. We will provide safe and secure environments for our students, faculty and staff. We will continue to embrace the diversity that makes our institutions strong,” the statement read.

Without referring to President Donald Trump directly, the statement suggested a sharp contrast with the White House’s position. Rather than specifically naming white supremacists and neo-Nazis, Trump blamed “many sides” for the violence that led to the death of a 32-year-old woman during the “Unite the Right” rally.

“In these times that test our resolve as leaders, we renew our pledge to our communities,” Glenn said.

“The students on our campuses across the Commonwealth reflect the rich diversity of our nation. Our philosophy of teaching and learning has, at its core, the promise of inclusive excellence and social justice. We embrace our shared values of global citizenship and prize the richness of cultural wealth in our diverse communities. We respect people from all nations, cultures, background, and experience and welcome them to join our community of scholars and learners, for therein lies the hope and the future strength of our nation and our world.”

The community college presidents are far from alone. An NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll this week found 52 percent of Americans found Trump’s statement “not strong enough” compared with 27 percent who backed the president’s position. Yesterday, former Republican Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush added their voices to the chorus of condemnation. “America must always reject racial bigotry, anti-Semitism, and hatred in all forms,” the former presidents wrote.

“You are all welcome and valued; your religion, race, ethnicity, language, citizenship, and gender are honored. We will continue to learn together. Hate has no place at our Massachusetts Community Colleges,” Glenn’s statement concluded

8 thoughts on “Glenn, Other College Presidents Condemn Virginia Hate and Violence

  1. Why weren’t these frauds calling out Barry Obama when he invited the racist hate group Black Lives Matter (who publicly advocate for the killing of cops) to the White House?

    Why weren’t these frauds calling out Barry Obama when he completely ignored the racist killing of 4 Dallas cops by a black man, Micah Xavier Johnson?

    Why weren’t these frauds calling out Barry Obama when he called Cambridge cops “stupid” because he didn’t like that they detained his racist, hate filled friend in the course of doing their job?

    • You are right on this Jack. Where were they ? Well, kissing his ass that’s where. The selective outrage is disgusting and when it is in our schools even worse.

  2. “Yesterday, former Republican Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush added their voices to the chorus of condemnation. ‘America must always reject racial bigotry, anti-Semitism, and hatred in all forms,’ the former presidents wrote.”

    Surely, people of all political stripes can agree with the statement above?

  3. When colleges begin to expose students to BOTH sides of the story instead of merely presenting liberal indoctrination and philosophy, I will listen to what folks like Lane Glenn have to say. Until that happens, he and his ilk are merely more blah, blah, blah!

    • Slip…it’s easy to write these liberal nuts off who preach a crazy political ideology, but it’s not passive indoctrination. The intentional manipulation of minds, young and old, to a liberal political agenda leads to those people voting into office the public officials who then appoint socialists like Glenn.

      How many students/parents do you think even know that Lane Glenn personally traveled to the Dominican Republic to set up a program to facilitate criminal trespassers illegally in the USA to get a degree from NECC? How many do you think know Glenn welcomed DR officials to NECC who boldly stated publicly that their goal was for Dominican residents here in the USA to take as many American jobs as possible? Do you think these students/parents would approve of this if they knew? IMO I doubt they would.

    • The progressives have done a very effective job at controlling the schools and what they teach. The reason this craziness is happening is because these people never learned about history and civics in school. They are also brainwashed by progressives not to tolerate any other opinion but their own…just as planned so many years ago.

      We must rid the schools and colleges of these people who are destroying our kids. Imagine paying $50k a year only to have so-called professors try to indoctrinate your child into their way of thinking or risk failure ? Yes, I experienced it with my kids and you are powerless to stop it for the most part. Our country is in deep trouble when there is no tolerance for alternative thoughts and ideas. Pay attention people as the downfall will happen very fast.

      • Jack, I experienced it with my kids too. Then a funny thing happened. They got out of school and entered the real world and experienced the insanity of liberalism and big government first hand themselves. The first big laugh I had came when my daughter asked me shortly after getting her first paycheck in a professional job “what’s up with all the taxes they take out?”. I had a big grin on my face when I said … now you know where all the money comes from the gov’t gives out to planned parenthood, welfare agencies, minority tuition subsidies, etc. It’s really been interesting to see my kids go from being brainwashed to the realities of the real world.

  4. More coded, manipulative rhetoric from a whackjob liberals hell bent on destroying the social and economic foundations of this country. What does Lane Glenn’s version of “diversity” and “global citizenship” mean when it comes to actual policy? This Anti-American socialist set up a program with community colleges in the Dominican Republic so that criminal trespassers illegally in the USA attending NECC could easily transfer credits from the DR to get their degree here. He then took it a step further to provide job placement services to the criminal invaders so they can steal jobs from Americans, especially Veterans. Like Andy Vargas, Glenn is yet another liberal taking steps to help criminals in this country at the expense of Americans. This pretend social justice warrior is the biggest fraud going. And to think, he’s getting paid by unsuspecting/uninformed students and parents, and also with taxpayer funds. This guy is as Anti-American as it gets and he’s held up as a pillar of the community. It just goes to show how absolutely clueless people are to what liberals are doing to this country.