HHS Invites Parents to Find Drug Clues ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’

Throughout the month of August, WHAV provides a daily report counting down to the first day of school in Greater Haverhill.

Haverhill High School staff will team up with Power to the Parents to show families how they can spot clues that might indicate their children are involved with drugs or alcohol.

Power to the Parent is a website and media campaign created in Westchester County, N.Y., designed to help parents keep their teens healthy and safe.

On Thursday, Aug. 17, from 6:45 to 8 p.m., the organization will set up a mock teen bedroom (pictured) in the conference room near the main entrance to the high school. This is the same date as Freshman Orientation, which begins at 6 p.m.

In the room, clues to drug and alcohol use will be hidden in plain sight. Parents are encouraged to look around to see how many items they can find, including drug related decor, hidden compartments and items designed to conceal use.

Staff from HHS will be available to answer questions and explain the meaning and use of the items.

Parents do not have to attend Freshman Orientation to take part in this program. All interested parents are invited.

The middle school years can be a difficult time for all kids, but girls in this age group face unique challenges. Timberlane Regional Middle School offers a 10-week after-school program called Heart and Sole for girls in sixth through eighth grades. Physical activity is at the core of the program, which uses running to impart life lessons and build self-esteem. It culminates with a 5K run and celebration.

Monday, Aug. 14, at midnight is the deadline to register online. If openings remain, a new registration window will open on Tuesday, Aug. 15, and will remain open until all slots are filled.

Heart and Sole meets Tuesday and Thursday after school from 2:15 to 3:45, beginning Thursday, Sept. 7.

Upgrades to Methuen school buildings will greet students upon their return, Superintendent Judith A. Scannell reports.

Lighting has been upgraded in classrooms at CGS, Marsh, Tenney and Timony schools.

Marsh School received a new roof and upgrades to the HVAC unit.

A kindergarten was created from unused space at Tenney School.

Timony’s stage received a new wood floor. Renovation of the auditorium has begun with an estimated completion date of October.

At Methuen High School, workers are building a patio dining area outside the Ranger cafeteria.

Haverhill Public Schools open their doors to students in grades 1 through 12 on Tuesday, Aug. 29. Kindergarten begins Sept. 5. All Haverhill students will attend for a half-day on Friday, Sept. 1, and enjoy a day off for Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 4.

Regional first days are:

Pentucket: Aug. 31

Timberlane: Aug. 31

Methuen: Aug. 29

Whittier: Aug. 29 for freshmen and new students; Aug. 30 for all students

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4 thoughts on “HHS Invites Parents to Find Drug Clues ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’

  1. This is old news, but maybe the school should worry about cleaning up their own home. As my child cannot even walk into a restroom at HHS without it smelling pot.

  2. The insanity of progressive liberalism is never ending.

    Haverhill has a mayor that not only advocates sanctuary city policies that welcomes criminal trespassers from other countries to come to the city to sell their drugs, he also went out of his way to lie to the city council when he falsified documentation to bring a weed distribution center to the city…a move that in the real world outside of liberal Massachusetts would have gotten him immediately disbarred. Now because it’s election time he’s implementing programs to con parents that he’s strong in fighting the war on drugs, while completely ignoring his own public policies which have a LOT to do with the out of control opioid problem in the city.

    Does anyone actually believe a word this corrupt liberal hack says at this point?

    • The mayor was never accused of falsifying documents.

      However, Haverhill’s epically -disgusting, least favorite son Robert Scatamacchia accused the mayor of tricking him into signing a letter.

      So , you took the word of a convicted felon who stole tens of thousands of dollars from old ladies and added your own twist to it.

      You have no credibility Jack and I think you’re a cheeseburger short of a Happy Meal.

  3. The schools should be teaching the kids how to use Naloxone to save their parents’ lives when they OD, not teaching the parents to snoop around to find their kid’s stash. Pot isn’t killing anyone, heroin is.