Haverhill Mayor Fiorentini Noncommittal on Congressional Bid

Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini. (WHAV News file photograph.)

Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini, long-rumored to have an interest in a congressional seat, would not say one way or another Wednesday if he would run next year when Congresswoman Niki Tsongas retires.

Responding to an inquiry from WHAV, Fiorentini did little to quell speculation.

“I’m concentrating on being mayor and running for re-election,” he told WHAV.

Meanwhile, Sen. Barbara L’Italien of Andover welcomed the idea. She said she was exploring running for the seat Tsongas has held for 10 years.

“Having served for more than 10 years as a legislator for the greater Lawrence, greater Lowell, and greater Haverhill areas myself,” L’Italien said in a statement, “I am eagerly exploring the opportunity of running for this Congressional seat and how to best continue in Niki’s footsteps as an indefatigable advocate for the priorities of the women, men, and children of the 3rd District.”

Tsongas announced Wednesday morning she will not seek re-election when her term expires at the end of next year.

L’Italien was the first state representative to represent Haverhill when the city was partially included in the 18th Essex district. She served from 2003 to 2011 when she was defeated by Andover Republican Jim Lyons. After a short stint working for state Treasurer Steven Grossman, she succeeded Barry Finegold as senator for the Second Essex and Middlesex district, representing Andover, Lawrence, Dracut and Tewksbury.

L’Italien said she introduced Tsongas, at the WiLL Networking event at the National Conference of State Legislatures Tuesday night.

“As Niki said last night, women need to run! There is no better way to effect that motto that than by ensuring that Niki is succeeded by another woman from the Merrimack Valley,” L’Italien said in a statement. “We need a woman who can continue to advocate for Niki’s longstanding priorities: accessible and affordable healthcare for all, protection of individuals with disabilities and the elderly and better educational opportunities for all of our children.”

6 thoughts on “Haverhill Mayor Fiorentini Noncommittal on Congressional Bid

  1. Actually the mayor is a died in the wool Liberal. However as our mayor he has been quite MODERATE! Just look at his bargaining with our municipal unions. The unions do not embrace him due to his moderate inclinations. Certainly the mayor is far from liberal with his pledge and successful follow through with the development of abandoned mills as well as rail trails, and downtown development. As a former conservative and now a moderate with some conservative leanings, I would and could easily support his candidacy for Congressman should he chose to seek the office.

  2. I’d vote for him because he’s fiscally conservative and responsible.

    Where is our bond rating? Not bad.

    The following comments about him being elected because he’s a Democrat are hog wash. His fundraisers are packed with Republicans.

    But, I resign to the fact that some people are so feeble minded that it’s all -or -nothing , and us- against -them thinking….sorta like Sunnis and Shiites …sad.

    Our flag- waving, self -righteous , faux patriots are as filthy and sick minded as the animals US soldiers battle in the war on terror.

    • Who pays for those bond ratings? Who voted when they were a part of City Council to petition the state for Hale sale/deficit spending? Who was in charge when the city bond counsel (now defunct) was also a paid lobbyist for Cerberus Capital Management (parent of Steward)?

    • Oh, he’s responsible alright.
      He’s responsible for property taxes doubling since he became mayor.
      He’s responsible for instituting parking taxes.
      He’s responsible for instituting a meals tax.
      He’s responsible ALL fees on city services doubling.
      He’s responsible allowing 29 city employees who collectively stole $54,000 to keep their jobs.
      He’s responsible making national headlines by threatening a city homeowner over campaign signs.
      He’s responsible for threatening a school committee member to vote a certain way on solar panels.
      He’s responsible for enacting sanctuary city policies turning the city into a VERY dangerous place.
      He’s responsible for sanctuary city policies which has flooded city schools with children of illegals.
      He’s responsible for a city cop found to be sleeping on the job to retire and keep his pension.

  3. The Mayor is still seething over not running for the senate seat. Mr. Mayor, go for it. What have you got to lose ? You blew it not running for the senate seat….it was yours to lose. Why not bring the 3rd district seat to Haverhill ?

  4. In Liberal La La Land of Massachusetts politics mayor failurentini would be the poster child for the democrat party’s hopes to retain that congressional seat. He’s a proud tax and spend liberal who has run the city of Haverhill into financial ruin . There’s no better candidate for all the criminal trespassers in the country illegally living in Lawrence and Lowell than Jimmy Taxman. When they get word of the drive by shootings in Bradford, the illegals raping young girls in Haverhill parks, the gang shootings at Little League games and the safe haven provided for them by the hack failurentini they’ll know who to vote for.

    The very thought of this corrupt, incompetent, lying stooge seeking to be a United States Congressman is beyond laughable. But this is Massachusetts where liberals will ignore his long list of failures and still vote for him just because he has a D after his name.