Sen. L’Italien Exploring Run For Seat Held by U.S. Rep. Tsongas

State Sen. BarbaraL’Italien and U.S. Congresswoman Niki Tsongas. (WHAV News photograph.)

Sen. Barbara L’Italien of Andover confirmed this afternoon she is considering seeking the Third Congressional District seat when Congresswoman Niki Tsongas retires next year.

As WHAV reported earlier, sources close to L’Italien said she was exploring running for the seat Tsongas has held for 10 years.

“Having served for more than 10 years as a legislator for the greater Lawrence, greater Lowell, and greater Haverhill areas myself,” L’Italien said in a statement, “I have worked diligently and collaboratively with my democratic and republican colleagues to support policy that improves all of our lives. I am eagerly exploring the opportunity of running for this Congressional seat and how to best continue in Niki’s footsteps as an indefatigable advocate for the priorities of the women, men, and children of the 3rd District.”

Tsongas announced this morning she will not seek re-election when her term expires at the end of next year.

L’Italien said she introduced Tsongas, at the WiLL Networking event at the National Conference of State Legislatures Tuesday night.

“The 3rd Congressional district will feel her loss and it is a better place because of Niki’s tireless advocacy on behalf of its residents,” L’Italien said. “Throughout her career, Congresswoman Tsongas has been a champion for middle class families – encouraging job growth and small business development, prioritizing educational opportunities from pre-K through college for all of our children, and keeping women safe from sexual assault and violence. She has been a longstanding, steady presence in our district, attending events in every single city and town, and has spoken with thousands of residents to learn about how she can best work to improve their lives. Our district, state, and country are a better place because of Niki’s passionate work, and as a constituent and a friend, I will miss working with her.”

“As Niki said last night: women need to run! There is no better way to effect that motto than by ensuring that Niki is succeeded by another woman from the Merrimack Valley. We need a woman who can continue to advocate for Niki’s longstanding priorities: accessible and affordable healthcare for all, protection of individuals with disabilities and the elderly and better educational opportunities for all of our children.”

8 thoughts on “Sen. L’Italien Exploring Run For Seat Held by U.S. Rep. Tsongas

  1. The 3rd district needs new blood, not recycled stale politicians like L’Italian. Sadly, the Democrats will put up their standard bearers and the GOP, having been clueless and impotent, will put up a couple of stooges. We are doomed again.

        • Not telling you how to think, telling you you’re wrong.

          Unless you think Niki’s unwavering support of wars that never end, VA healthcare disasters (especially right here in MA), and catering to DoD contractors perpetuating more injury & death is supporting Veterans.

    • Sorry Can’t…Tsongas has been a complete fraud when it comes to Veterans. Her fake support of getting the military to use clothing make by US manufacturers was a joke. She only jumped on that bandwagon because she knew the executives at Massachusetts based New Balance, who were the lead proponents on that legislation, were very competent, connected and successful at getting things done.

      Tsongas turned a blind eye to the HB1 Visa program which potentially cost Massachusetts veterans hundreds, if not thousands of jobs in the state. Her support of open borders, the Dream Act, Obama’s TPP, and the literal flooding of criminal invaders into Lowell, Lawrence and Haverhill cost veterans jobs. She was a complete failure when it came to veterans.

  2. I met and really liked Niki Tsongas. She impressed me as a good leader and nice person. I would still vote for the republican candidate because democrats are to the far left, or so it seems.