Bonner Withdraws; Throws Support to Magliocchetti

Haverhill School Committeeman Paul A. Magliocchetti.

The most recent Democrat to consider seeking the soon-to-be-vacant state representative seat has withdrawn and thrown his support behind Paul A. Magliocchetti.

George Bonner, a 22-year-old Democrat who took out papers last month to seek the Third Essex seat being vacated by Rep. Brian S. Dempsey, told WHAV Tuesday he is afraid he would “divert” votes from Magliocchetti.

“Government has always been one of my greatest interests and although public service is a long-term goal, I believe it to be in the best interest of the city of Haverhill that I step aside. If I were to remain in the race, I would divert votes from Paul Magliocchetti whom I believe will best serve the city as State Representative,” Bonner said.

Bonner was the third Democrat to take out nomination papers for the State House job, behind City Councilor Andy Vargas and School Committeeman Magliocchetti. As it stands now, Vargas and Magliocchetti will face off during the special Oct. 10 Democratic primary. School Committee member Shaun P. Toohey is the only Republican to date to enter the race. Other possible candidates include School Committee member Scott W. Wood.

Bonner said he supports Magliocchetti. “Mr. Magliocchetti has years of experience, both in law and as a community leader. He is by far the most qualified to be our Representative.

Dempsey plans to retire from the Massachusetts legislature in September as he takes a top position at well-known Boston lobbying firm, ML Strategies.

8 thoughts on “Bonner Withdraws; Throws Support to Magliocchetti

  1. I support Andy and I am not a “criminal illegal”. I am a white, christian business man who put myself through college (first in my family) and have worked hard all my life and have worked to help and support my community as a volunteer and businessperson. My Parents and Grandparents raised me to “be quiet unless you have something nice to say”.

  2. Look at this….even another Millennial liberal democrat realizes what Acorn Andy Vargas is all about and is a fraud. It’s a glaring confirmation that Andy’s main constituency is criminal illegals in the city when even a newbie in Haverhill politics knows better than to support him.

      • Minorities? That’s funny, buddy! Maybe you can reach into the boot and grab a handful of cash to contribute to Andy’s campaign?

        You know who I do have something against, Keith? Frauds! Especially liberals who would intentionally interfere with Federal Government law enforcement officials in the course of doing their job all for the sake of a political agenda. Like when Andy Vargas turned to Facebook to alert illegals in Haverhill that Federal Government immigration officials were in the city and advised them to hide and seek safe haven. Andy went out of his way to aid and abet criminals in the commission of a crime, and I’m going to bring it up every chance I get so people understand what he’s all about.