Police Investigation Continues Into Acre Shooting; Victim Out of Hospital

(File photograph)

Haverhill Police continue to interview witnesses to Thursday morning’s Acre shooting, but have not yet identified a suspect.

The man who was shot, however, is out of the hospital and in “good condition.” When he was taken to the hospital following the little past midnight shooting, he had been found with “multiple gunshot wounds” that were not deemed life-threatening, police said.

Police have not identified the man who was shot near 21 Pentucket St. As the investigation unfolds, police have also declined to publicly speculate on any motives.

It was the second shooting in about a month within the neighborhood.

WHAV was the only news outlet to report July 1 that two men were shot outside 37 Cedar Street near Fourth Avenue. A 31-year-old Haverhill man was sent to a Boston hospital with serious injuries. The other, a 29-year-old Haverhill man was grazed by a bullet, treated at the scene and released.

Haverhill Police are asking the public for any information that may help during the investigation of the latest shooting. Anonymous tips may be left by calling the police station at 978-373-1212.

8 thoughts on “Police Investigation Continues Into Acre Shooting; Victim Out of Hospital

  1. Who is Alice Mann?
    Maybe she can defend her comments. While your at it invite mistah mayah so he can defend his crimes down statement.
    Crimes up, his salary is up, maybe it’s time for his term to be up!!

    • Danny…do a search here on WHAV for “Merrimack Valley Project”. The MVP is a group of far left liberals mainly advocating pro-illegal immigrant and pro-union public policy. Alice is a spokesperson for the MVP. She thinks it’s absolutely fine that illegals flood our cities, commit crimes and crowd our schools. She believes it is their “human right” to break the laws of this country.

  2. Recently here on Open Mic on WHAV representatives from the Pro-Illegal Immigrant advocacy group The Merrimack Valley Project were promoting allowing Illegals to stay in Haverhill because they provide a valuable resource for police by providing leads on crimes in the city. Alice Mann, a representative for MVP argued that illegals give tips to cops on a variety of crimes. The liberal logic is as insane as it gets. Alice obviously has no idea what the consequences are to being a “snitch”.

    Can someone reach out to Alice and ask her why none of the dozens, if not hundreds, of illegal invaders living in the Acre neighborhood has come forward to help police identify who this shooter is?

      • Keith — This story details the commission of a crime. It describes how a person was shot, no one knows by whom, the HPD is spending (I would presume) an untold number of man hours attempting to find who did this dastardly deed, we are paying for the HPD to spend time on this foolishness as well as, and probably paying for the victim’s hospital care. So you tell me how anyone can make positive comments about this incident.

        If you have not seen any positive posts, it is because you have not been paying close attention to what is being said.

  3. Crime is down. We don’t need to pay attention to the fact the city is 30-40 cops short of where it should be. Let’s worry about planting more trees ! And don’t forget to vote for me !