Man Receives Gunshot Wounds; Police Seek Public’s Help

A man received non-life-threatening gunshot wounds early this morning in the city’s Acre neighborhood.

The unidentified man received “multiple gunshot wounds” just after midnight near 21 Pentucket St., said Haverhill Police in a statement. He was taken to a local hospital, but no information about his condition was released.

As of this morning, no suspects have been formally identified or arrests made.

Haverhill Police are asking the public for any information that may help during the investigation. Anonymous tips may be left by calling the police station at 978-373-1212.

This is a developing story.

4 thoughts on “Man Receives Gunshot Wounds; Police Seek Public’s Help

  1. I would think that the residents of the neighborhood would be pretty darned sick of the violence stirred up by these people. Do you suppose it is ANOTHER ILLEGAL CRIMINAL INVADER?

    • SC….recently Alice Mann, a representative for the liberal illegal invader advocacy group, The Merrimack Valley Project, said here on WHAV that one of the main reasons not to deport those people found to be trespassing in this country illegally is that they provide a valuable resource to law enforcement officials when it comes to solving crimes. It’s as insane an argument to support these criminal invaders as there is. If they were reporting crimes it wouldn’t be happening over and over again, just as you point out. It also shows just how out of touch with reality Alice is, because on the streets being a “snitch” is the most dangerous title someone can hold.

      Let’s see with the HPD request for information if anyone in that neighborhood steps up.
      Don’t hold your breath waiting ….

      • If illegals were not here in the first place, no one would have to worry about solving these crimes and illegals would not be needed by law enforcement to solve crimes.

        What The Merrimack Valley Project is doing is taking part in creative circular thinking that ties everyone up in knots and that makes no sense.