Former Andover Asst. Town Manager is City’s New Purchasing Agent

Steven Bucuzzo, of Haverhill, is the city’s new purchasing agent.

Andover’s former assistant town manager is Haverhill’s new purchasing agent.

Steven Bucuzzo, of Haverhill, began the part-time job this week, replacing Orlando Pacheco, who left two months ago for his old job as town administrator in Lancaster. Bucuzzo served Andover nearly 15 years until new Town Manager Andrew Flanagan last January sought to install his own team.

“We’re thrilled to have Steve Bucuzzo. He’s a Haverhill guy, born and brought up here, went to school here and really a local guy (who’s) made good,” the mayor said.

Bucuzzo will work 19 hours a week at $47 per hour, for a total of $893 a week. The job calls for him to work Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Asked if a part-time post provided enough hours for the job, Fiorentini responded he will evaluate the position and see if changes are needed down the road. The mayor said he’ll try 19 hours at first and evaluate whether the job requires more time.

“We have a slim and trim government—lean but not mean,” the mayor joked. “And, we’re proud of the fact.”

Fiorentini explained he believes Haverhill has fewer employees per capita than other cities in the state.

Pacheco also worked in the purchasing job part-time, but had the additional titles of energy manager and building maintenance. Pacheco continues to serve the city as an energy consultant.

Prior to being hired in Andover as assistant to Reginald “Buzz” Stapczynski, Bucuzzo was Rockport’s town administrator for about a year and a half. He previously was Wellesley’s budget and management assistant for five years and five months. He was initially named Dracut town manager in 2013, but could not come to an agreement with selectmen on employment terms. He was a non-commissioner officer in the U.S. Army’s Airborne Infantry from 1982 to 1989 and served in the Coast Guard Reserve following his discharge.

Fiorentini said Bucuzzo’s credentials were a match for the city. “He has a wealth of knowledge and if there’s anyone in the world who can take Orlando Pacheco’s place, we think it’s Steve,” the mayor said. “I’m happy to appoint him and welcome aboard.”

3 thoughts on “Former Andover Asst. Town Manager is City’s New Purchasing Agent

  1. Bucuzzo was fired in Andover.
    Public reports say his leaving Andover was amicable, but that’s what both parties are always forced to say for fear of being sued. At least he wasn’t arrested for passing out drunk on the hood of his car which lead to his leaving Andover, like in the case of Pacheco when he got fired in Lancaster.

    There’s no doubt Bucuzzo is a career political hack. That’s the only kind of people mayor taxman hires.

    • Give the guy a break. New manager, new regime. Time to move on. He knows his numbers and will do a great job.I am sure he appreciates your vote of confidence.