Children Playing with Lighter Causes $30,000 Fire-Related Damage

Children playing with a lighter has been deemed the cause of a house fire Sunday afternoon on Orange Street in Haverhill.

The fire, limited to one room of the two-family home at 54 Orange St., caused approximately $30,000 in mostly water and smoke damage, said Haverhill Fire Chief William F. Laliberty.

“Because of the quick action of the fire department, damage is minimum,” Laliberty said. “There has to be some repairs made before it can be reoccupied,” he added.

The fire department received the call just before 3 p.m., Sunday. According to city records, the home is owned by Elisabeth and Robert Littlehall.

6 thoughts on “Children Playing with Lighter Causes $30,000 Fire-Related Damage

  1. Why is this news?

    Why is Haverhill Fire Chief William Laliberty, the guy who stole $1,800.00 from taxpayers and put lives in danger by signing documents stating he took State mandated training that he never took, reporting daily events that take place in the HFD? It’s so ridiculous…can you imagine if all department heads were releasing press reports every day?

    I admit, maybe I’ve got it all wrong. The fact that fire fighters literally sit around a firehouse every day waiting for something to happen, maybe it is news worthy when they eventually have to do something.