Protests May Greet House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Visit Today

When U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan visits Lawrence today, he may well be met by protesters from Haverhill and surrounding communities.

Ryan plans to visit New Balance, 5 S. Union St., Lawrence, one of the footwear company’s five factories in New England. Ryan will participate in a business leader roundtable at 2 p.m., tour the factory and promote a tax reform plan currently being developed by the House, Senate and Trump administration, his office said in a media advisory. He plans to take questions at 3:15 p.m.

Early last night, the Haverhill Democratic City Committee emailed members a plea from the Massachusetts Democratic Party to protest what the state party said is “the Republicans' destructive healthcare plan.”

“It's time to bring your concerns straight to the source: come with a sign and your loudest voice to let the Republicans know what you think of their plan,” read a message from Nigel Simon, the party’s community affairs and outreach director.

8 thoughts on “Protests May Greet House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Visit Today

  1. ICE should turn out in force and start rounding up the criminal trespassers from other countries who have the nerve to show up to protest and send them back to their own country.

    If you want to see the affects of out of control liberalism, look no further than Lawrence. The once great city is now a social and financial cesspool.

    • Don’t know why…. except if he is looking for trouble, Paul Ryan would even consider going to Lawrence. Lawrence is a haven of illegals and should be condemned for it. We, the taxpayers of Massachusetts, pay for just about everything that Lawrence does. What an idiot Paul Ryan is!

      • My guess is that he’s going to New Balance because their corporate executives publicly fought hard against Obama and TPP. and they are a shining example of Made In America manufacturing. Remember too, Ryan has been very soft of deporting illegals, so maybe he’s going there to be among his own.

  2. Paul Ryan is a coward who puts personal power above principal. The Speaker of the House represents everything that is wrong with America. The American people will hold him accountable for his support of this irresponsible and criminal Administration.