Updated: Gov. Baker Cuts Haverhill Projects When Signing $39.4B Budget

Former state Rep. Brian S. Dempsey, on the riverfront boardwalk that bears his name, with Gov. Charlie Baker. (WHAV News file photograph.)

State Rep. Brian S. Dempsey, chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means, and Gov. Charlie Baker last fall in Haverhill. (WHAV News photograph.)

This story has been updated to reflect additional information from Gov. Charlie Baker’s office.

Gov. Charlie Baker signed the state’s $39.4 billion budget into law Monday, but not before cutting $320 million from it, including a number of local pet projects.

The new state budget for the year that began more than two weeks ago increases unrestricted local aid to communities, education and road maintenance money, delivering more than $62 million to the City of Haverhill. The city will receive $52.5 million for education and nearly $10 million for whatever officials deem appropriate.

“Despite slow revenue growth, this year’s budget contains historic investments for local schools, critical funding for our cities and towns, workforce development and programs to fight the opioid epidemic,” Baker said.

However, the governor also vetoed some Haverhill-specific earmarks.

Those cuts include $300,000 for a one-time grant to Haverhill public schools; $200,000 for Career Resources Corporation in Haverhill for employment services for veterans with disabilities; $100,000 for YWCA Haverhill; $65,000 for Emmaus; $50,000 for the Bradford rail trail; $50,000 for American Legion Post 4; $50,000 for the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce; $50,000 one-time grant to the Katydid Foundation, housing for adults with autism; $35,000 for WHAV; $35,000 each for the Haverhill Inner City Boxing Club and Haverhill Downtown Boxing; $25,000 for the Power of Self Education (POSE); $25,000 for the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce; and $10,000 for a one-time grant for the Haverhill Fire Department.

Baker appears to have allowed $35,000 for the St. James food pantry.

Baker also cut nearly $2 million from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, which pays for Haverhill Cultural Council grants and the Adams grant-funded Riverfront Cultural District, downtown.

Last year, the legislature overrode most of Baker’s vetoes, but the governor used his power under Section 9C of state finance laws to cement $98 million in cuts.


7 thoughts on “Updated: Gov. Baker Cuts Haverhill Projects When Signing $39.4B Budget

  1. “The city will receive $52.5 million for roads and nearly $10 million for whatever officials deem appropriate.” That can’t be correct. $52.5M should be enough to repave almost every street in the city (not including police details).

  2. Poor Hobo Jim .. he must be devastated 1st no more being Dempsey’s lap dog .. Now this .. yeesh he might have to go out and actually make a case for money instead of holding out his hand with a kool aid smile

  3. Don’t ya just love Liberal La La Land?
    Who else but liberals would think up a program promoting “self education” and turn the the public to pay for it.