Fiorentini Warns of Firework Dangers, Says Police Issuing Fines


For those Haverhill residents still in July 4th party mode, Mayor James J. Fiorentini has a word of advice: Celebrate with caution.

Two days after the city deployed its 2017 fireworks display, Fiorentini took to Facebook to warn residents of the dangers of personally setting off the explosives.

In a Wednesday, July 5 Facebook post, Haverhill’s longest-serving mayor thanked city officials for a successful fireworks display while delivering his words of caution.

“My thanks to [Haverhill Recreation Director] Vinny Ouellette, our recreation staff, police and all others for what I am told was the best fireworks display ever! Great job,” the mayor posted Wednesday of the July 3 fireworks display, which took place near Trinity Stadium.

According to Fiorentini, Haverhill police are on alert and have been issuing fines for those lighting up in local backyards.

“For all of you who want to continue setting off fireworks, please do not. Fireworks are dangerous and illegal. Your neighbors deserve peace and quiet,” Fiorentini said. “Last night [Tuesday, July 4], we gave out several $100 ticket fines for illegal fireworks. Please avoid the fines, and leave your neighbors to get some rest.”

4 thoughts on “Fiorentini Warns of Firework Dangers, Says Police Issuing Fines

  1. Misleading headline. Police do not “issue fines.” As it says in the story, they issue tickets. You can choose to pay the ticket (plead guilty) or you can ask for a hearing and plead your case. Maybe the fireworks belonged to someone else. Maybe it was the people across the street. Whatever. Make them prove it.

  2. “For all of you who want to continue setting off fireworks, please do not. Fireworks are dangerous and illegal…” Fiorentini said.

    Of all the laws being broken in Haverhill it’s “illegal fireworks” you decide to crack down on, mayor? Let’s review some of the laws being broken in the city you completely ignore…

    A teenage girl gets dragged into the woods at a city park by two criminal trespassers illegally in the country and you said and did nothing.

    30 Haverhill fire fighters knowingly and intentionally conspired with each other to commit a felony by stealing over $54,000. from Haverhill taxpayers and you did nothing.

    Reportedly 15%, or 1,117 students in the Haverhill school system are children of parents in this country illegally, which is costing Haverhill taxpayers $13.5MILLION a year and you do nothing.

    City councilor Andy Vargas took to Facebook to warn people illegally in this country and city that the Federal Government and ICE was in Haverhill doing their job, thereby aiding and abetting criminals and committing obstruction of justice and you, mayor, praised him publicly for supporting his constituents.

    Cracking down on illegal fireworks….it looks like you really are tough on crime Mayor !!

  3. Yes daddy. We will be careful and obey your request….NOT ! Once again daddy Jimmy tells what is bad for us. ” Do this don’t do that can’t you read the sign.” – you sound like the old song Jim. So tell us, do you look into the mirror Jim and practice telling everyone not to do wrong ? Might be a good idea.