Lt. Gov. Polito Helps Usher in Fiorentini Rail Trail

Haverhill Mayor and Mrs. James J. Fiorentini and Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito cut the ribbon at the new Mayor James J. Fiorentini Bradford Rail Trail Saturday morning. Among those cheering them on are City Council President John A. Michitson and state Rep. Linda Dean Campbell. (Frank Komola photograph for WHAV News.)

Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito helped usher in the formal opening of the Mayor James J. Fiorentini Bradford Rail Trail Saturday morning.

Polito had been acting governor much of the week while Gov. Charlie Baker was out of state.

While the majority of the City Council disagrees with the mayor’s budget, many were on hand to congratulate him. Haverhill city councilors voted last month to name the trail in honor of Fiorentini.

Ceremonies took place on both sides of the half-mile path, beginning at 10 a.m. The trail follows the former Pan Am rail lines along the Merrimack River between the Basiliere and the Comeau Bridges.

Team Haverhill, which is sponsoring an Artwalk of five sculptures plans its own dedicatory ceremony in July. Artists who created the works are expected to be on hand.

City Councilor Joseph J. Bevilacqua also plans to present an idea for additional parking and access to the rail trail at the council meeting Tuesday night.

7 thoughts on “Lt. Gov. Polito Helps Usher in Fiorentini Rail Trail

    • Polito is a Baker RINO ribbon cutter. Her sole purpose is to attend photo opps and go around the state handing out checks to liberal organizations. You need to pay better attention.

      The news last week in Haverhill was the 2018 budget. Watching the pre-planned dog and pony show of the city council and mayor putting on a public display to try to show how concerned they are about the safety of citizens was so silly it was actually fun to watch. But now there is an actual public policy issue by brain dead liberals knocking on the door. For these illegal immigrant advocates watching Lawrence and their open border policy turn that city into literally one of the most dangerous cities IN THE COUNTRY isn’t enough. They’re now focused on Haverhill.

      If voters continue to elect pro-illegal immigrant advocates like Andy Vargas and the mayor no amount of cops will help with the amount of crime that will occur in the city. An independent, non-biased corporation already has listed Haverhill as one of the highest crime rate, most dangerous cities in Massachusetts. I hope people are paying very close attention to what is happening. If these people get their way soon you won’t be able to drive through Haverhill without taking your life into your hands, just like Lawrence is now.

  1. Today in the other Haverhill daily newspaper there was an article about Hispanic advocates discussing their goal to “officially” make Haverhill a sanctuary city. The person from this group stated that 15% of the students attending Haverhill High School are children of criminal trespassers illegally living in the United States. The 2017 enrollment figure for HHS was a total of 1,828 students. The cost to educate one student in the Haverhill school system is $12,000 per student. This means that it cost $3.3MILLION dollars to educate the 274 illegal students attending HHS. If you use the 15% figure across the entire Haverhill school system of 7,452 students in 2017, that means Haverhill taxpayers paid $13,400,000 to educate children who are in this country and city illegally. $13 MILLION !!!

    But it’s not enough. The Merrimack Valley Project, the pro-illegal immigrant advocacy group wants to open the borders to Haverhill legally. They want to pressure city officials to legislatively make Haverhill a sanctuary city in the same way that Lawrence did. As if Haverhill isn’t broke enough, or dangerous enough, this group’s goal is to officially turn Haverhill into a new Lawrence. They are now so emboldened they are talking about it publicly.

    There has never been a more important and serious election than the one this November. If you want to continue down the path that the city is on then keep electing these liberal democrats who are more concerned with silly ribbon cuttings than actually looking out for the best interests of taxpayers.

    It is vitally important that Andy Vargas, the pro-illegal immigrant advocate on the city council gets defeated. He’s done nothing about the crime and drugs exploding in the city and has gone out of his way to protect and advocate for illegals in the city, even going so far to break the laws of this country by making public statements on Facebook to warn criminal trespassers in the city that the Federal Government and ICE was in Haverhill doing their job.

    • The article said that 15% of the city’s population are immigrants, and 1/3 of the Haverhill High School population are immigrants. There was no mention as to how many were undocumented or illegal.

      • Warning criminals that law enforcement is looking for them is aiding and abetting the commission of a crime. And when Andy Vargas knowingly and intentionally posted public warnings on Facebook to help criminals trespassers in Haverhill, as an elected public official with a sworn duty to protect the interests and safety of the citizens of the city, he also committed treason.

        In the next couple of months we’ll find out what Acorn Andy thinks about what he did. If he’s proud that he warned criminals in the city that the Federal Government of the United States was actively looking for them then he’ll use his actions as a campaign issue. But if he says nothing then that’s confirmation that as an elected official he puts the interests of criminals not just ahead of Haverhill citizens, but of the Federal Government.

        I’m betting that Andy says nothing. Then again, he did proudly make public comments about how his own parents entered this country illegally and his father took jobs that would otherwise have gone to citizens of this country. But he made that statement in the safety of a room full of other like minded brain dead liberals. I double he’s got the stones to brag about breaking the law.