Mayor to Discuss Cashman Field Work at Meeting Tonight

Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini plans to meet with lower Hilldale Avenue residents today to discuss $236,000 worth of improvements to Cashman Field, including a new playground.

The mayor said he will meet neighbors of the field at 5 p.m., Thursday, at Cashman Field at the foot of Hilldale Avenue.

“Improving our parks and playgrounds has been a priority for years.  We have improved Swasey field, Riverside park, GAR park and many more,” Fiorentini said in a statement. “Now it is Cashman’s field on Hilldale Avenue.”

As WHAV first reported last December, Fiorentini said he sought the $127,160 grant from the Parkland Acquisitions and Renovations for Communities program after hearing from children who use the park. The city will pay the difference. The project includes new lights and fencing for the park’s skateboard area, Haverhill Rep. Brian S. Dempsey and other members of the city’s legislative delegation said at the time.

4 thoughts on “Mayor to Discuss Cashman Field Work at Meeting Tonight

  1. Why dont you both address the subject? This is a great improvement in an area that I was part of growing up. Kudos to the Mayor and everyone involved.
    Is there a date set yet for the Mike Rowinski dedication? I would like to attend as I played ball and gre up with Mike and his family.
    Both of you should attend.

  2. The mayor’s goal, because he’s a Democrat, is to buy Mercedes Benz- for people who defraud the system – with tax dollars.

    Do you hear yourself Jack? Because, you sound like an idiot.

    • Name calling as usual. Defending liberal incompetence yet again.

      That’s it…ignore the content of what I wrote about the mayor’s complete mismanagement and incompetence regarding the Haverhill Housing Authority. Ever try to find out information regarding the HHA? It’s an anonymous black hole and it operates in complete secrecy. Unlike most other communities that have detailed websites dedicated to the operation of their city housing authority’s, there’s no such thing in Haverhill. Other cities provide websites which explain enrollment information, boards of directors, and operating budgets. Like everything else, Jimmy Taxman operates the HHA in complete secrecy.

      If you think the Mercedes outside the HHA complex across from Cashman Field is an isolated example of taxpayers being ripped off by HHA subsidized tenants you’re a fool. And the mayor just let’s it happen like the incompetent liberal democrat he is.

  3. I go by this park a couple of times a week, using Hilldale and the back roads to go to Plaistow. EVERY time I pass Cashman Field I see a Mercedes CLS550 parked in front of the Haverhill Housing Authority complex directly across the street. At a price tag of $81,000 it’s an incredible car !!

    You should check it out while you’re there, Mayor. It’s more proof of how incompetent your administration is. It’s an “in your face” example of someone ripping off the system, and lack of management to keep it from happening. Not that you’d care, right Mayor? Because this is your goal as a liberal democrat isn’t it? To have taxpayers fund paying for a Mercedes in everyone on public assistance driveway.