Cable TV Committee to Hear Public Comments Monday

The Haverhill Cable TV Advisory Committee is hearing resident concerns about Comcast cable television in Haverhill, payments made by the company, customer service and related issues at a hearing next Monday.

The committee, chaired by William Gould, is beginning the process of renewing Comcast’s license for the 10-year period, beginning in 2019.

“This effort is aimed at ascertaining how cable television in Haverhill meets the needs of the city and its residents,” according to a statement from the committee.

In the last year, Comcast has distributed about $900,000 to Haverhill Community Television, also known as HC Media, for operation of the public access, government and education channels. The city receives about $240,000 annually in fees.

The public hearing takes place Monday, June 12, 7 p.m., in Theodore A. Pelosi Jr. City Council Chambers, Haverhill City Hall, 4 Summer St.

5 thoughts on “Cable TV Committee to Hear Public Comments Monday

  1. we need a complete shake up of our cable contract. mayor, please show some leadership and have the city take over local access. 100k + paychecks has to end. lousy service has to end. whav with very little $$$ is head and shoulders over local access with 500k revenue stream. where do you and most of Haverhill go for community news and honest reporting. W H A V. no one goes to tv 33

    • You are SOOOOO right! WHAV does a fantastic job considering the scant dollars in its coffers. For local news, I always check WHAV.

  2. I am sick and tired of subsidizing the sports channels, and the City of Haverhill I also resent being required to pay for Spanish and shopping channels that I don’t watch. I would suggest that people who want sports channels and all of the rest of this nonsense, should support these channels themselves. I NEVER watch sports, breeze right by the Spanish and shopping channels, so would NOT watch ANY of these channels under any circumstances.

    How about a-la-cart viewing? That way a subscriber pays for what he/she watches, and supports the channels of choice. Makes a heck of a lot more sense than to force people to subscribe to AND PAY FOR channels they don’t watch…. EVER.

    • This is what happens in a non-competitive environment. CONcast wins the worst customer service award every year.

      We can thank CONgress Members like Ed from Maryland Markey and his campaign contributor cronies in telecom for CONcast monopolies. People can bitch all they want, but until the status quo thrown out of elected office in order to abolish crony capitalism, CONcast and their overpriced and shit services are here to stay with no options. This is especially true for those of us that depend on high speed for work, as CONcast is once again the only player in town, with a ridiculous price to match.

      • You talk about high speed internet. Since Comcast upgraded its internet service, I have had to call Comcast just about every day because my internet is down. Has anyone else noticed that when calling Comcast they now have an automated service that asks what the issue is? If it is internet outage, automated system says they will send “a bullett” to my system and re-boot the modem. I NEVER had these issues before the so-called upgrade. It appears that Comcast no longer beta tests its new systems any longer…… this new email is for the birds and has more frequent outages than it has up-time. I still think Comcast is a rip-off…. as are all companies that provide TV, phone and internet.