Family Seeks Support for Stabbing Victim; Man Fights for Life

Matthew S. Sabatino, left. (Courtesy photograph.)

Matt Sabatino. (Courtesy photograph.)

One of Sunday morning’s two stabbing victims is fighting for his life in a Boston hospital, family members told WHAV today.

Matt Sabatino, 28, of Lawrence with Haverhill connections, was stabbed in the chest and suffers from heart and lung injuries. Family members said he was stabbed in front of Barking Dog Ale House, 77 Washington St., trying to help during a fight. He is engaged and a father of two.

His family has created a ( account and is seeking at least $30,000 to help pay medical costs and allow family to maintain a vigil at a nearby hotel and provide support.

“He is currently unstable in very critical condition as of now. The family is unsure of his prognosis and it is an intense situation minute to minute right now as the family waits for change in his status,” the GoFundMe page reports.

Hayden Delafuente, 21, of Haverhill, is charged with stabbing Sabatino and a 30-year old Salem, N.H., man. He was arrested and charged with two counts of armed assault with intent to murder and two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He was being held on $50,000 bail and expected Haverhill District Court today. The incident took place at about 1:30 a.m., Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Family Seeks Support for Stabbing Victim; Man Fights for Life

    • Yes, I agree with Jack, I would also urge this family to hire a lawyer and immediately inquire, why the perpetrator was allowed to walk the streets.

      The Commonwealth of Massachusetts – with the liberal hack judges and politicians let the Sabatino family down and now have blood on their hands.

      This punk has multiple arrests and many well known issues – and yet, he was able to continue his spree of breaking the law while the state did NOTHING.

      While this was going on, our illustrious elected officials in Boston were working on “cracking down” on driving and texting – and looking for people not wearing a seat belt.

      In the mean time – this poor man is stabbed by a punk that the politicians and legal system refuse to punish because they don’t want to upset his “community”.

      Enough is enough.