Smoothie Scuffle May Bring Criminal Assault Charges

Both a McDonald’s restaurant clerk and a customer may face criminal assault charges after the two exchanged blows with food items through the store’s drive-up window last week.

The dispute began just before 7 p.m., last Wednesday, when a female customer discovered after leaving the drive-up window of McDonald’s, 63 S. Main St., she did not receive juice and apples she ordered. She returned to the drive-up window, asked for the missing items and became agitated by a lengthy delay, according to a patrolman’s censored report. After the woman and clerk argued, the customer allegedly threw a ketchup package at the clerk.

In response, the clerk returned fire, allegedly throwing a frozen mango smoothie and striking the customer in the face and spilling into the car and onto a child in the rear seat. No injuries were reported.

The McDonald’s employee was sent home. When interviewed by police by telephone, the clerk did not dispute throwing the drink, but was aggravated by the customer yelling and blowing her horn. A witness in the parking lot confirmed the events for police.

Police withheld both names pending a District Court hearing in an effort to charge the clerk with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon—a smoothie, and the customer with assault and battery for throwing the ketchup.

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