Haverhill Chamber Names WHAV Business of the Month

Beverly Donovan, president and CEO, left, and John J. Guerin, membership services director, right, present the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce’s Business of the Month Award to WHAV General Manager Tim Coco in WHAV’s on-air studio. (Courtesy photograph.)

The Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce has named radio station WHAV as its business of the month.

In an effort to recognize outstanding achievement in the Greater Haverhill community, the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce formally identifies a “Business of the Month” approximately every four weeks. This award is given to a Chamber member that is a proven leader in their business or industry and excels in the areas of community involvement, economic growth, customer service and professional relationships, the Chamber said in a statement.

WHAV’s new FM radio station signed on the air at 97.9 last September after a 12-year effort to win a new license for the venerable Haverhill station. Volunteer General Manager Tim Coco first went to work in the news department at WHAV in 1978 and later became City Hall reporter for the then-daily Haverhill Gazette before moving on to media in Newburyport and Manchester, N.H.

“Thank you to the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce for recognizing the effort to return local radio service to area residents and businesses. As the only Haverhill-based news source, WHAV recognizes and fulfills its obligation to deliver local news, weather, information about community events and breaking news as it happens,” said Coco. WHAV’s companion website at WHAV.net augments the radio station’s coverage, attracting more than nine million page views and more than 100,000 unique visitors.

Appropriately, 97.9 WHAV was formally inaugurated March 16—70 years to the day the original WHAV AM began emanating a signal from Silver Hill. While studios are now in Ward Hill, the new FM still transmits its signal from the original Silver Hill transmitter building. The new station covers a larger footprint than the original station, reaching all of Haverhill, all surrounding communities and beyond. Unlike the original, it is now owned by a nonprofit corporation.

Award winners receive a complimentary guest ticket to the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce’s exclusive “Annual Business Awards Breakfast” and are automatically entered into the running for the Annual Business of the Year award. That honor will be announced during the annual breakfast next February.

5 thoughts on “Haverhill Chamber Names WHAV Business of the Month

  1. tim….you and the staff of W H A V are the best. is nice to see that your work is appreciated. I am going to call joe bevilacqua and ask him to bring the great work that you do before the Merrimack valley chamber of commerce for recognition. if it is a special event I will attend.

    • Buster,
      The Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce will be recognizing Tim and WHAV at our Annual Awards Breakfast in February. Please join us to celebrate WHAV and many other businesses in the area.

  2. There is currently a bill before the State Legislature, HB3033, which will have absolutely devastating consequences for the City of Haverhill. This bill, quietly submitted by liberal progressive democrats, calls for the banning of local law enforcement from working with the Federal Government regarding immigration issues. It’s purpose is to turn the State of Massachusetts into a sanctuary state. This bill is being voted on March 24th.

    Mayor Failurentini has already turned Haverhill into a sanctuary city. How much more crime needs to take place in Haverhill before enough is enough.
    ~Little boys getting murdered by criminal trespassers who had previously been deported
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    The mayor with his open door policies has made Haverhill a VERY dangerous place. If this bill passes things are only going to get worse….much worse. If people of Haverhill care at all about the safety of their children and family members they’d be smart to call Brian Dempsey and Linda Dean Campbell to plead with them to vote “NO” on this bill.

    Brian Dempsey office number: 617-722-2990
    Linda Dean Campbell office number: 617-722-2380

    • The Bill didn’t make it, it has been temporarily tabled.

      Of course State Senator Jamie Eldrige got his monies for English lessons for adults and pretty much everything he asked for. Not bad for a Socialist-Progressive, but not surprising in this state.

      Locally, yet another Illegal Invader that lives in Haverhill “should” be deported for selling fentanyl out of her car with her 2-year old in it. Pay no mind that she was receiving social welfare benefits (i.e. MassHealth, WIC, DTA, etc) because you know, it’s mean in Massachusetts to actually check if the person receiving benefits is an Invader or not.

      #Haverhill #SanctuaryCity

      Oh, and good job Tim!