Guerin Discusses Life as Ex-Mayor on WHAV’s ‘Your Hometown’

John Guerin shares a laugh with Your Hometown host Marc Lemay in the Edwin V. Johnson Newsroom at WHAV.

In the fourth week of his new 97.9 WHAV series, Marc Lemay interviews former Haverhill Mayor John J. Guerin.

During “Your Hometown,” which airs tonight, at 6:30 p.m., Guerin reflects on his time as Haverhill mayor during the tumultuous period following the closing of the city-owned Hale Hospital. Guerin said he is a lifelong city resident and is happy others are discovering Haverhill’s benefits.

“There’s a lot. There’s everything you want here in Haverhill right now. People started to get the message. They wanted to leave the concentric circles of Boston and they realized Haverhill was a great value.”

The former mayor shares some amusing anecdotes and candidly discusses his regrets.

Guerin is now membership services director for the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce.

One thought on “Guerin Discusses Life as Ex-Mayor on WHAV’s ‘Your Hometown’

  1. Mayo Guerin is absolutely right with his statement”There’s everything you want right here in Haverhill”. This is a fine addition, Your Hometown, to the programming at WHAV as hosted by a very experienced and superb host Marc LeMay.Our recent Mayors, to include Mr. Guerin and Mr. Florentine and others prior to them have always had the best interests of our city in the forefront and are to be commended for there fine endeavors.

    Thank you WHAV for your great work on behalf of all of us.