Brothers Goudsward Discuss Whittier Book Series

Monday’s WHAV Open Mike Show featured authors David and Scott Goudsward discussing two anthologies inspired by the works of Haverhill poet John Greenleaf Whittier.

The latest, “Murder Among Friends,” debuted last Sunday during an author’s day at Whittier Birthplace, Haverhill. Contributors include Amesbury’s Edith Maxwell, “Murder in the Summer Kitchen;” Pete Rawlik, “On the Black Ice;” Victoria Weisfeld, “The Flock;” Ken Faig, “The Goodwife and the Bookseller;” David Bernard, “The Death Clock;” Susan Oleksiw, “Miss Larcom Meets the Neighbors;” Kristi Petersen Schoonover, “Cricket in the Wall;” Gregory L. Norris, “Antiques;” Rock Neelly, “Cane Fishing;” Judi Calhoun, “Exposed for Murder;” and D.G. Critchley, “Skeleton on the Ski Lift.”

Last year’s “Snowbound with Zombies” featured new works by Calhoun, Roxanne Dent, Suzanne Dent, David Goudsward, Scott Goudsward, John McIlveen, Norris, Faye Ringel and Schoonover. Other contributors include bestselling novelist Christopher Golden, former local writer Tracy L. Carbone and Vermont folklorist Joseph A. Citro.

Both books were edited by David Goudsward and all sale proceeds benefit Whittier Birthplace. Books are available for sale at Whittier Birthplace and online at

The Goudsward brothers also discussed their latest “Horror Guide to Northern New England,” features horror references set in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.