Haverhill High Participates in Mock Stock Market Challenge

Congresswoman Niki Tsongas nominated Haverhill and Lawrence students to take part in the national challenge.

Haverhill High School students Tuesday will manage a hypothetical $100,000 stock market portfolio and invest in real stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Congresswoman Niki Tsongas plans to visit Haverhill students participating in the Capitol Hill Challenge during the late morning. Tsongas nominated Haverhill and Lawrence High Schools to participate in the national competition hosted by the SIFMA Foundation.

There are five student teams at Haverhill High School. The competition ends Friday and the top 10 teams in the country will attend an awards event in Washington, D.C., next month.

One thought on “Haverhill High Participates in Mock Stock Market Challenge

  1. This is rich.

    After the market blew up she voted for Bailouts while no one went to jail. Not to be outdone, our Northern border state of NH had the infamous Republican Senator Judd Gregg championing Bailouts. No wonder, as the F.I.R.E. sectors were his primary donors bases. Niki must be envious, she should have extended a guest appearance for Gregg as to show what political crony capitalism does and who it serves. Sen. Gregg not only got a comfy no-show job at Goldman Sachs after CONgress, but then he became CEO of SIFMA after that stint. See kids? Learn from Niki, a true pro, sell The American People out for profit, donors, and favor, and you too can make millions.