Masked Men Rob, Pistol Whip North Avenue Resident

A Haverhill man was pistol-whipped and robbed by masked men Tuesday night, who also unsuccessfully attempted to steal his vehicle.

Haverhill Police were called just after 10 p.m. to an apartment complex at 440 North Ave. A man reported he had just parked his vehicle when he and his female companion were approached by four men—some or all of whom were masked. The men, described as being of Hispanic origin and dressed in black, demanded his keys, placed a gun to his head and pistol-whipped him.

The unidentified male victim was taken to a local hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries, said Detective Lt. Robert P. Pistone, police spokesman. It is not clear whether one or two handguns were used during the assault, he said. There were also “conflicting reports” about whether all of the attackers were masked, Pistone added.

While the men were unable to take the automobile keys, they did rob the man and woman of undisclosed items. The attackers then fled in another vehicle. While the investigation continues, police said, they are withholding a description of the escape car. Pistone also said it is not clear why the victims were targeted.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Haverhill Police anonymous tip line at 978-373-1212, option 1.

5 thoughts on “Masked Men Rob, Pistol Whip North Avenue Resident

  1. Still waiting for proof these jerks are not citizens! Keep spouting your racist agenda Jackie and Johnny Haverhill. Don’t let the lack of facts get in your way. Shouldn’t you clowns be watching The O’Reilly factor, oh wait a minute the womanizer got fired! Come on now let’s try to keep this fair and balanced.

  2. North ave Condos nothing more than a Section 8 Cesspool .. has been and will be .. ask the city how many police calls are generated there per day

  3. Wow jack really!I I happen to be of Irish descent and I’m a American citizen. I have a friend that happens to be of Italian descent and believe it or not he is an American citizen. so they haven’t even caught the P.O.S thugs that committed this crime but of course you have it all figured out. I going to make a couple of assumptions myself, if that’s acceptable? you are a racist clown! come on Jackie Haverhill let’s just make America great again

    • The difference between Italian, Irish, Japanese, Chinese and others were there effort to become part of our society. They strove to learn English and assimilate into the American lifestyle. Many of the new immigrants are choosing to maintain all of the morays, social behaviours, and language of their nation of origin. Then ask or force citizens to cater to their refusal to conform.

  4. Add this to the list which is getting longer by the week of incidents that have happened as a direct result of mayor Jimmy Taxman turning Haverhill into a sanctuary city for criminal trespassers illegally in the city.

    What has Jimmy Taxman advised Haverhill police officers to do when they detain someone who they determine are in this country illegally? The Attorney General of the United States of America has given specific instructions to law enforcement officials across the country what to do regarding this issue. Liberals mayors and officials all across the country are advising their local police departments to “ignore” the instructions of the US Attorney General. It’s complete lawlessness…and criminals know it.

    Haverhill taxpayers have a right to know if Haverhill police officers are following the instructions of the top cop in the Federal Government, or, if they have been advised to act differently by Haverhill’s liberal democrat mayor.

    Chief DeNaro…what has the mayor advised you to instruct your officers to do in this situation? The city is getting more dangerous by the day. Citizens have a right to know if it is a direct result of the mayor instructing officers NOT to do their job and follow the law.