O’Brien to Help Homeowners Fighting Ocwen Over Mortgages

John O’Brien, Register of Deeds.

Southern Essex District Register of Deeds John O’Brien.

Essex County homeowners who require deed or mortgage documents to fight mortgage servicer Ocwen have received a pledge of help from Southern Essex District Registry of Deeds Register John O’Brien.

O’Brien issued the pledge this morning following a cease and desist order against Ocwen Loan Servicing by the Massachusetts Commissioner of Banks and a lawsuit last week against the company by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.

“Ocwen is a financially troubled company that has been misleading and hurting innocent homeowners for some time now,” O’Brien said. “In their quest for financial gain Ocwen has been victimizing these homeowners and it has got to stop.”

O’Brien said he also holds Ocwen accountable for its part in “tarnishing the public records of this office and for being a part of the land recordation scandal.”

Those seeking deeds or mortgage documents from Southern Essex District Registry of Deeds in their fight against Ocwen, may call 978-542-1700 or email [email protected].

The Massachusetts Commissioner of Banks charged that Ocwen Loan Servicing has shown ineffective management of consumer escrow accounts and their internal servicing systems. Massachusetts may contact the Division of Banks at (617) 956-1501 should they have any questions. In addition, the director of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau filed a lawsuit against Ocwen, alleging the company inaccurately calculates loan balances, misapplies borrower payments and has “botched escrow and insurance payments.” Ocwen compounded these failures by not properly investigating and fixing these problems when consumers formally complained and “it illegally foreclosed on borrower,” O’Brien said.

Ocwen also issued a statement, denying the claims.

“As with the recent CFPB enforcement action, Ocwen strongly disputes the key allegations made in the state regulators’ cease and desist orders that Ocwen’s mortgage loan servicing practices have caused substantial consumer harm. Ocwen will not sign unfair and unjust consent orders that make impractical demands that no other market participant could rationally accept, and which would harm consumers. Under these circumstances, Ocwen has a responsibility to its customers, shareholders and employees to vigorously defend the company against unfounded claims while continuing to work with state regulators to resolve any valid concerns.”

6 thoughts on “O’Brien to Help Homeowners Fighting Ocwen Over Mortgages

  1. New State AG same as the old State AG. AG Healey following the path of Coakley, settling for pennies on the dollar. The ghosts of Fraudclosure past continue to haunt homeowners because fraud is no longer prosecuted criminally and no one goes to jail. Massachusetts was ground zero for Fraudclosure defense with Landmark MA SJC Decision(s) but back then, Coakley punted.

    The people of Massachusetts also forgot to hold political office holders in CONgress (i.e. Niki Tsongas) when they unanimously voice voted to usurp R.E. law in regard to MERS legislation. It was one of the few highlights of The Obama Administration when he vetoed it. Then again, Niki voted for Bailouts, and voters sent her back along with all the other traitors that voted for Bailouts.

    Of more recent note, one of the worst cases of foreclosure fraud and abuse was perpetrated by Bank of America, a serial offender: “It is apparent that the engine of Bank of America’s problem in this case is one of corporate culture…not rogue employees betraying an upstanding employer” – Judge Christopher Klein of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Sacramento commenting on the case of Erik and Renee Sundquist.

    Guess who uses Bank of America as their personal bank? None other than U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, you know, the very same railing against Wall Street? Just another political hypocrite, along with her over $40K in Wall Street campaign donations.

  2. Ocwen holds my mortgage loan service. One month Ocwen sent me a check for over payment of escrow. the following month I was told i have a shortage. I never cashed the check they sent me. This article explains it well. I made a telephonic mortgage payment then received a call 3 weeks later stating I never paid. Every customer service rep has a different story and none of them seem to be on the same page.

    • Mine too! Same scenario! I’ve asked them to release me of my escrow so I can pay my own bills and they denied my request with no reason I met all of their requirement but the clause says they have the right to deny you. They have messed up my account up so many times. I want them to be punished. Imagine what they are doing to people that have no idea. Now I’m wondering if they’ve applied my money correctly after all these years.