Andover Police Seize 207 Grams of Heroin, Arrest 20-Year-Old

Police display bags of heroin seized Thursday.

Andover Police seized 207 grams of heroin late last week and arrested a 20-year-old man for allegedly trafficking in heroin and distribution of heroin.

Osvaldo Mota, 20, of Randolph was arrested after members of the Andover Detective Division’s Substance Abuse Unit spotted late Thursday morning what they believed to be a drug sale near River Road, according to Police Chief Patrick Keefe

“I would like to commend the detectives on this case for recognizing that something was not right and using their training to investigate,” Keefe said. “As a result of their strong police work, a significant amount of heroin was taken off our streets.”

One thought on “Andover Police Seize 207 Grams of Heroin, Arrest 20-Year-Old

  1. So did this young man have a driver’s license? Way to go….. they always find their way to northern Massachusetts, don’t they? Pickins must be good in this area, with lots of customers.