Methuen Man Receives 5-Year Sentence for Heroin Dealing

Luis Martin Carvajal Gonzalez, also known as Wilfredo Laboy, of Methuen, was sentenced this week to serve five years in federal prison for distributing fentanyl and heroin, as well as possessing fentanyl with intent to distribute.

Carvajal Gonzalez, 33, who previously pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges sold heroin and fentanyl to an undercover law enforcement officer on multiple occasions during December of 2015. Sales were made at retail stores in Salem, N.H. On Feb. 9, 2016, Carvajal Gonzalez arrived at a store parking lot in Salem to conduct another drug deal. When law enforcement officers approached, he ran away and attempted to throw “fingers” of drugs as he fled. He was arrested and approximately 156 grams of fentanyl were recovered, according to John J. Farley, acting New Hampshire United States Attorney.

“Opioid abuse is at epidemic levels in the Granite State and those suffering from the disease of fentanyl and heroin addiction need access to treatment and recovery,” said Drug Enforcement Agency Special Agent in Charge Michael J. Ferguson. “But, those responsible for distributing lethal drugs like fentanyl to the citizens of New Hampshire need to be held accountable for their actions.

Carvajal Gonzalez, who is originally from the Dominican Republic, faces likely deportation after he serves his sentence in federal prison.

The Drug Enforcement Administration received assistance from New Hampshire State Police, and the Salem, Manchester, and Methuen Police Departments.