AFL-CIO Opposes Sununu’s N.H. Labor Pick

Gov. Christopher T. Sununu’s nomination of Franklin, N.H., Mayor Ken Merrifield is opposed by the AFL-CIO.

The New Hampshire AFL-CIO says Gov. Christopher T. Sununu’s pick to head Department of Labor is a political choice and not one that furthers workers’ interests.

Glenn Brackett, president of the New Hampshire AFL-CIO, said the selection of Ken Merrifield is at odds with residents’ desires because the Franklin, N.H., mayor has supported so-called “Right-to-Work” legislation, “even though it has consistently been shown to negatively impact the most vulnerable in our workforce.” Despite Republican control of the State House, legislators voted to kill the proposed law in February.

“The Governor’s choice shows further evidence of his out-of-touch views regarding New Hampshire working families,” said Brackett. “Traditionally, the commissioner of labor is an individual that has experience not only in monitoring employers and employees, but in handling workers’ compensation and dealing with insurance carriers to ensure they are in compliance with New Hampshire labor laws.”

The state Executive Council is expected to decide next week whether to confirm Merrifield’s nomination.