City Council Mulls Turning Over Agenda to Mayor Once a Year

Mayor James J. Fiorentini.

If Mayor James J. Fiorentini wants to give his State of the City address on the same night as a City Council meeting, chances are his speech will be the only item on the agenda from now on.

Councilors will ask their Administration and Finance subcommittee to come up with a way to handle sharing the spotlight with the mayor once a year.

Two weeks ago, Fiorentini’s State of the City address, given at Hunking School, was followed by a lengthy City Council meeting.

Councilors, led by Mary Ellen Daly-O’Brien, said the double-bill inconvenienced residents who had to wait hours past the normal 7 p.m. start time for City Council meetings to hear discussion of critical issues.

“It really did interfere with the council’s business. The point was, we ended up not leaving there until 11 at night. He gave his speech and left,” she said, referring to the mayor. “We didn’t.”

Councilor Thomas J. Sullivan suggested the city treat the address the way the state Legislature does when the governor gives the State of the State address. The House and Senate meet in session, and the speech is the only item on the agenda.

“When the governor speaks before the state legislature, the state legislature is technically in session. So, if we want to hold a City Council meeting, once a year, at which the purpose of the City Council meeting is to welcome the mayor and to listen to his State of the City, then that would be the scope of that one meeting,” Sullivan said.

Colleagues William J. Macek and Council President John A. Michitson said they supported Sullivan’s idea.


2 thoughts on “City Council Mulls Turning Over Agenda to Mayor Once a Year

  1. Further thanks to Councillor Sullivan his splendid thoughts on the matter. Thank you Councillor Sullivan for all that you do for our City

  2. Great Idea ! As an outstanding CEO of our City the mayor deserves all possible respect.Furthermore that annual meeting should be held anywhere in the city that the mayor want, and how about a travelling city council meeting from time to time. Perhaps some council meetings could be held at different schools one to three times per year. this combined with a period of public participation would open the issues to the entire voter and non voter citizenry.