Police Allege Two Haverhill Men Among Those Selling Heroin

Two Haverhill men were among four arrested Thursday morning on charges of heroin distribution and possession with intent to distribute heroin.

Armed with warrants, police uncovered $200,000 in cash and approximately 1.5 kilograms of narcotics at two alleged “stash houses.” Arrested were Jose C. Torres, 27, and Angel G. Rivera Serrano, 36, both believed to live in Haverhill, were arrested along with Richard R. Fernandez, 26, of Lawrence, and Luis Humberto Arias Lara, 41, of Lowell.

According to court documents, the men distributed heroin in and around Waltham over the course of several months. Each allegedly sold drugs to an undercover investigator.

The charges of distribution and possession with intent to distribute heroin each provide for a sentence of no greater than 20 years in prison, a minimum of three years and up to a lifetime of supervised release and a fine of $1 million, or twice the value of the funds involved, whichever is greater.

4 thoughts on “Police Allege Two Haverhill Men Among Those Selling Heroin

  1. And this year’s winner for local fiction is…JACK!

    Jack has also enjoyed two nomininations for fear mongering and an honorable mention in hatred.

    Jack launched his career with the shades drawn, watching fox news (?) in the fetal position . His great talent is his ability to hate anyone who doesn’t look or think like him.

    Hes a versitle cad who fears a political party of his own nation so much that he’s able to sympathize with our enimies while deamonizing his people, ladies and gentlemen. ..JACK!

  2. Liberal Democrat Mayors all throughout Massachusetts have publicly announced their support to make their city’s “sanctuary cities” to provide safe haven to criminal trespassers from other countries to live there without fear of prosecution. Mayors of Boston, Somerville, Lawrence, Newton, Springfield, and dozens of other cities have made this pronouncement. These same mayors in the past voted to make Haverhill mayor Jimmy Taxman the president of the Massachusetts Mayor’s Association. They would not do that if he didn’t promote the same sanctuary city policies that organization endorses.

    Through an independent report last week by an unbiased corporation we have learned that Haverhill crime is MUCH higher than the mayor is reporting. There are crimes that are going unreported intentionally by the mayor for political purposes. Now that the facts are out, he will take further steps to manipulate the realities of what is actually happening in the city.

    Because of the welcome mat the mayor has laid out to criminal trespassers in this country illegally to flock to Haverhill, crime is out of control. Gang shootings at Little League games, teenage girls getting raped in city parks, drug dealers swarming to the city, young people dying from overdoses of the drugs flowing into this country and city over the country’s southern borders, driveby shootings in Bradford, and just recently SWAT teams being shot at in the middle of the day by an invader held up in a home in a sanctuary neighborhood.

    People in Haverhill need to wake up!!!! The liberal mayor and elected officials are pushing their sanctuary city policies and agenda at the expense of the safety of Haverhill citizens. What is it going to take to vote the mayor and others like Andy Vargas out of office for the dangerous policy positions they promote at the expense of public safety? These elected officials are every bit a threat to public safety for their treasonous positions as the invaders committing the crimes.

    Is it going to take a young girl getting visciously rapped at Haverhill Hill School by a couple of criminal invaders like what happened in a small town in Maryland recently? Do people actually think that kind of thing can’t happen in Haverhill? Is it going to take a 13 year old girl to be literally snatched off the street while walking to school one morning and raped all day by an illegal, like what happened in Lawrence a couple of months ago? Do people even remember Danny Rodriguez, the 7 year old little boy who was brutally murdered and body stuffed into a trunk of a by a criminal trespasser in the city who had been deported several times but kept coming back to Haverhill? The mayor was a city councilor at the time, and now all these years later here he is promoting sanctuary city policies as if nothing happened to that little boy. Disgusting !!

    Parents, if you’re not absolutely frightened EVERY TIME your kids leave the house you should be. If you have teenagers going out at night and think for a second their lives aren’t in danger EVERY MINUTE by the invaders with no means of income who are desperate for money for they very existence, you don’t understand what is happening in the city. If the elderly living alone in the city don’t understand they are at risk in their homes and when they leave the house, someone needs to educate them to the facts of the report just released. If business owners think these drugged out, money desperate dangerous criminals won’t shoot them dead in their own stores for the cash they have on hand, they’re not paying attention.

    There is one, and only one solution to correct the path the city is on. The mayor, Andy Vargas and every other elected official who supports sanctuary city policies needs to be voted out of office. They need to be voted out as soon as possible. There is no other way!!! Without voters committed to rid the city of the very people enabling all the criminals to come and live in Haverhill there is no way anything will change. It’s only going to get worse!!

    This may all sound sensational, but everything written is factual. With these, and thousands of other instances of crimes and violence that is being committed locally, and all across the country every day by the criminal invaders that liberal politicians welcome here, people need to remember…..it’s not a matter of “if” these crimes will occur in Haverhill…they’re “already” happening. And they’re going to continue to happen. When it happens to someone in your family, or someone you know, and you voted for the mayor or Andy Vargas who are the enablers of this activity, you have no one to blame but yourself!

  3. Crime is down says the Mayor,vote for me ! Pay not attention to those criminals behind the curtain. They are just illegals doing what Americans do not want to do !