Open Mike Show Carries Immigration and Civil Rights Forum

Monday’s Open Mike Show featured portions of the Haverhill Democratic City Committee’s “Immigration and Civil Rights” forum, as broadcast live from the Haverhill Public Library.

The forum featured Boston City Councilor Josh Zakim and local attorney Zoila M. Gomez.

The full video appears below.

One thought on “Open Mike Show Carries Immigration and Civil Rights Forum

  1. This was nothing more than a puff piece to push the liberal sanctuary city agenda. It started out by citing real statistics about the City of Lawrence being one of the most dangerous cities in the country but there wasn’t one specific question asked of either Ms. Gomez or Mr. Zakim about the affects of the open border public policy regarding criminal trespassers illegally in communities in the Merrimack Valley….not one!

    Mz. Gomez says people are scared? It would have been interesting to know if she realizes that the City of Lawrence averages one armed robbery per day because of open border public policy there and is that fair to people who live there and others who are now scared to even go into that city?

    It would have been interesting to know if Ms. Gomez is in support of open border public policy that brought two criminal trespassers to Haverhill who then proceeded to rape a teenager at Riverside Park if that is an acceptable consequence of that policy?

    I would have liked to know if Ms. Gomez remembers Danny Rodriguez, the 7 year old little boy in Haverhill who was murdered by Jose Lopez who proceeded to stuff and leave his body in the trunk of a car. Lopez had been previously deported from the country several times only to come back and take a child’s life. She seems to find no problem with this occurring over and over and over again across this country. It would have been nice to know why that is.

    I would have liked to know why Ms. Gomez thinks it’s perfectly okay that Haverhill taxpayers should be stuck with the astronomical societal and city financial costs of having all these criminal trespassers illegally living in the city.

    I would have liked to hear Mr. Zakim explain why just 14 months after two radicalized Muslim terrorists made bombs and left them behind 8 year old little boys on the streets of Boston he then voted to make Boston a sanctuary city ensuring that is going to happen again in our future.