Coalition Seeks Entrepreneurs to Try Pop-Up Shops Downtown

Shops will be located along a block of Merrimack Street, between How and Main Streets.

Organizers of plans to build a “better block,” along Merrimack Street, between How and Main Streets, are seeking proposals for pop-up shops to line the downtown Saturday, May 6.

A coalition of MassDevelopment, the Haverhill Transformative Development Initiative and Team Better Block, of Dallas, Texas, is accepting proposals for pop-up shops.

“Do you make delicious bbq, empanadas, or pho and dream about one day having a restaurant? Do you create things that you sell on Etsy and wonder whether a storefront concept might work for you?” the coalition asks. Organizers plan to help participants build and curate the shops as a means of helping entrepreneurs test concepts.

Proposals are due by Wednesday, April 12, and may be submitted online at

As part of the planning for the May event, team workshops are scheduled Wednesday, April 5, beginning at 1 p.m., with a general planning session from 6 to 8 p.m.

Although the transformation of a block of downtown is temporary, the idea is to encourage city officials and decision-makers to “change policy and fast-track infrastructure improvements.”

2 thoughts on “Coalition Seeks Entrepreneurs to Try Pop-Up Shops Downtown

  1. When is MassDevelopment going to be honest about what is happening in Haverhill? They promote the city like it’s some kind of social and economic Utopia.

    The mayor has completely bankrupted the city, and laid out a welcome mat for criminal trespassers in this country illegally to flock to Haverhill to commit crimes, sell drugs and rape young girls in city parks. Because the mayor has turned Haverhill into a sanctuary city MassDevelopment needs to educate potential business owners that these thugs and gang members are walking into businesses all over the city and sticking guns into store owners faces and robbing them.

    The mayor has turned Haverhill into a VERY dangerous place and MassDevelopment has a responsibility to inform ALL business owners of that fact.