Haverhill High to Benefit From Computer, Engineering Training Grants

Haverhill High School and Penn Brook School, Georgetown, will benefit from part of $1 million in grants to expand computer science and engineering education for students in grades six through 12.

A state STEM grant of $750,000 was paired with a private $350,000 grant from One8 Foundation, with both awarded to Project Lead The Way, a national nonprofit. The group will develop curricula and provide intensive professional development for teachers at 45 schools across the state. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“Increasing educational opportunities in STEM is critical to prepare our students with the education and skills they will need to be successful in industries that are thriving in the Commonwealth,” Gov. Charlie Baker said. “This grant will help address the challenges we face in our state’s innovation economy – that is the gap between available jobs in STEM fields and qualified workers able to fill those jobs.”

The state’s STEM High-Quality Career Pathway Capacity Grant was created to increase access for students to engage in project-based STEM courses. The grant gives priority to schools in districts that are building STEM pathways across all grade levels. Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito announced the grant, and the schools that will benefit from it, while visiting Doherty High School in Worcester.

“The STEM Advisory Council recently identified the need to broaden access to high-quality computer science and engineering education,” said Polito, who co-chairs the STEM Advisory Council. “The grant funding announced today will give more students knowledge and exposure to STEM fields, increasing the likelihood that they will consider careers as computer specialists, scientists, engineers, healthcare providers, and researchers.”

State Education Secretary James Peyser said the money also provides teachers with the resources they need to engage students in STEM studies.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute acts as the professional development partner of Project Lead The Way in Massachusetts.  Mass STEM Hub is a project of the One8 Foundation and will be working in partnership with Project Lead The Way and Worcester Polytechnic to provide additional implementation support to schools.

2 thoughts on “Haverhill High to Benefit From Computer, Engineering Training Grants

  1. What government and corporate America don’t want to tell you is their dirty little secret of unemployed STEM graduates, thanks in part to massive H-1B abuse. They also don’t count all the AMERICAN software engineers a little long in the tooth thrown out on their asses because they became too expensive to employ, massive age discrimination.


    Most Beacon Hill Legislators don’t want to touch it, nor do Massachusetts CONgress Members. #CheapLabor #CronyCapitalism