Mayor Suspends DPW Employee Five Days Without Pay After Drug Arrest

The city Department of Public Works employee arrested Tuesday afternoon for drug possession has been suspended, effective Thursday, for five days without pay.

Daniel Murray, 26, 224 Newton Road, pleaded not guilty Wednesday at his arraignment in Haverhill District Court. He was arrested just before 4 p.m., at 67 Broadway, and charged with possession of Percocet. Murray was in his personal vehicle when taken into custody, but a police report indicated he had been spotted Monday with the pain killer in a city truck and may have sold the drug.

Murray’s suspension remains in effect until March 8, according to Mayor James J. Fiorentini’s office.

10 thoughts on “Mayor Suspends DPW Employee Five Days Without Pay After Drug Arrest

  1. If you have a prescription but, remove it from the labelded bottle (carry it loose) , then you can be arrested for unlawful possesion despite having been prescribed the medication.

    So, Speaking through truth may be correct.

    • If he had a prescription for percocet, he would leave it in a bottle. Why risk an arrest? He had it in a truck on Monday, arrested Tuesday. Most likely a co-worker informed the police. Haverhill or any other community does not need their employees with controlled substances in city vehicles. Taxpayers deserve better. Go be a junkie elsewhere.

  2. Did anyone actually think mayor Failurentini would fire him?
    Murray is in a union and it’s an election year. The quid pro quo mayor can’t go sending the wrong message to all the union brothers and all their votes that he doesn’t have their backs, now can he?

    Yet another reason to vote this failure of a mayor out of office come November.

    • The Mayor is a dirtbag no dout.He was an abulance chaser for James Sokolove when he thought he wasn’t getting a big enough cut he ran for Mayor and won.His opinion of all city workers are that they are scum.He has tried to privatize everthing he can in the city.I’m sure he’s getting a “cut” somehow.He does nothing for the union and fights them and the city emploees at ever turn.