Former Mayor Rurak Tells Little Known Stories on Open Mike Show

Former Mayor James A. Rurak during a previous appearance over 97.9 WHAV.

Former Haverhill Mayor James A. Rurak appeared on WHAV’s Open Mike Show Monday night, discussing his life before and after his four terms in office.

Rurak told little known stories about his life fixing cigarette machines for his father’s, former Sen. James. P. “Jake” Rurak’s, old vending machine business, proposing marriage to his wife Kathy at Crystal Lake and helping homeless teenagers.

“There is a space between 16 and 18—18, you’re part of the system, and 16 you’re part of another system—but in the middle there are a lot of kids who at 17 have no services at all,” Rurak said.

The entire interview appears with video below.

9 thoughts on “Former Mayor Rurak Tells Little Known Stories on Open Mike Show

  1. Jim Rurak is a great man and was a great Mayor. The Hale hospital problem started long before Jim Rurak. The current Mayor Jim Fiorentini was very much involved with that board. Could decisions have been different by all parties? Surely, but the city was lied to and no one knew. Seeing Mayor Rurak made me miss integrity in politicians.

  2. Haverhill was in the hospital business decades before Rurak was elected.

    So, implying a secret meeting where he schemed up getting into the hospital business is a gross misrepresentation.

    Alternative facts?

    • That is not what he said. What I think he meant ( me only) was that those on “the board” back then KNEW what was going on and the huge loss being taken by the mismanagement of the hospital and did nothing until it was too late.

  3. I would have preferred to hear stories about who was in the room with you Jim when you schemed up the idea for the City of Haverhill to go into the Hospital business. You left city taxpayers with $100Million…yes MILLION…in debt that will take several decades to pay off, and which significantly negatively impacted literally everyone in the city.

    Jim, do you actually think disappearing for a couple of years will erase people’s memories of how your decisions ruined this city? I have no idea how you can even show your face in Haverhill.

    • I think Joe Citizens comment should be here….you are right Joe. Ignore my above slap down( Lol) except for the facts of those on the board back then. Jack you are wrong on this one. The Hale was there long before Mr. Rurak was mayor. Should he get some blame ? Absolutely as he was not paying attention to what was going on and Haverhill was TOLD to sell the hospital but would not because residents were screaming about keeping it. After all so many politicos used it as a jobs bank for their cronies.

      Jack is right about the $100 million in debt…still paying it off until 2023 to the tune of around $12 million annually. But the dirty little secret is that it does not end there.