Young Democrats to Meet Thursday at Haverhill Public Library

The Engaging Young Democrats Subcommittee of the Haverhill Democratic City Committee plans to meet this Thursday to set goals and brainstorm methods of involving more young people.

The committee meets at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, March 2, in the Milhendler Room at Haverhill Public Library, 99 Main St.

For more information, contact Kerry Fitzgerald by email at [email protected].

One thought on “Young Democrats to Meet Thursday at Haverhill Public Library

  1. Maybe someone should go to this meeting and let all the Liberal socialists in training know the Democrat Party no longer exists.

    Over the last two election cycles Democrats have lost over 1,600 seats from coast to coast in positions from mayor to POTUS. And how did the little Snowflakes, I mean young democrats, respond in November? They whined, they boycotted, they acted out like children, they rioted, they held therapy classes, they skipped classes because they were so traumatized, and they actually cried. The party of tolerance and diversity in action.

    And how did the elected Democrats in office respond? They doubled down on the craziness of their agenda by electing Nancy Pelosi as Minority Leader, Congressmen didn’t attend the inauguration, and they are now pledging to block literally anything President Trump is doing. Now there’s a sane strategy that will turn the party around !

    In Haverhill we have our own little elected Snowflake in Acorn Andy Vargas.
    How’s he handling the election of Trump and the actions he is taking to keep America safe? Andy is acting out by saying he’ll do whatever he can to help criminal trespassers in this country illegally. As an elected public official he’s literally aiding and abetting criminals in the commission of a crime to push the brain dead liberal agenda.
    Maybe all the Young Democrats at this meeting can reminisce about the young girls their own age that are getting raped in Haverhill city parks by the very criminal trespassers that Andy wants to keep here. Better yet, they should chat about the dozens of young people in Haverhill who are getting wiped out by the drugs flowing into this country by the illegals flocking to the city because of the support they get from Andy and the mayor.

    Hey Haverhill Democratic City Committee, a sure fire way to get democrats to attend a meeting is to do what Democrats always do….Offer FREE stuff !! Free coffee, free donuts, maybe even free rides….if there’s one thing Democrats understand it’s FREE !! And don’t forget to mention “Gratis” so all the criminal trespassers in the city will turn out. As Nancy Pelosi says….”they’re citizens too”!